Final Fantasy's Lightning Gives an Interview About Fashion

Yes, a fashion company actually interviewed a video game character.


Final Fantasy XIII character Lightning has been showing up in fashion ads for Louis Vuitton recently, sporting clothes from one of its series. Now, Lightning has been interviewed by the French fashion company, saying that when she first saw the collection, it was as if she was hit by a bolt of lightning.

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In an exclusive Q&A that was released to The Telegraph, Lightning opens up to Louis Vuitton about what being a fashion model has been like for her. The Final Fantasy character hopes to one day share a stage with models like Jennifer Connelly and Alicia Vikander. She notes that she has a lot to learn to catch up to these "radiant women who are light years away from where [she] stands."

She also reveals that, at one time, she thought the only style that suited her was one that mirrored how strong and tough she is. She attributes Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Ghesquiere with helping her change the way she sees herself.

"His collection fills me with a sense of serenity and pride," said Lightning. "Perhaps I'm finally learning who I truly am."

Lightning mentions that her new fashion experience has opened her eyes.

"Fashion isn't something you're taught or given, it comes from your own taste and your own choices. It displays the essence of who you are to the people around you," she explained. "It is a thrill that I, who has faced my share of danger, have never experienced before. LV is a new adventure--a new fantasy--that I will enjoy from the bottom of my heart."

Lightning is happy that her days of adventuring have been put on hold. Her days are peaceful now, something she's always dreamed of, and she hopes these days last a long time. She says she knows they won't last forever, but when she returns to a world of strife, she'll be a new, evolved version of herself--all thanks to Louis Vuitton.

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lol this is totally out of character xD

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Alright, so I guess I'll not have alot of say in this as I didn't play either of her games, butttt, I think people are being a little dramatic!

Gamers can enjoy fashion, game developers can applaud fashion, and Squenix SHOULD broaden it's reach into venues that they wouldn't usually be seen! Admittedly from what I know this interview did sound out of character, but she is the most recent big Final Fantasy Title female lead. From a marketing standpoint it makes sense to choose her. Would it have been better to choose a more girly character? Maybe, but to an outsider looking into the gaming world it's easier to explain who and what she is if we can say "She's the main FF lady in this game." because some people aren't going to care enough to listen to a whole plot line of explanation.

If someone who's not interested in games can look at this character who (judging by the comments) many loved and say "Huh. Cool." without dismissing the platform outright, it's a victory for this community.

A few years back the characters of this same game were featured in a magazine wearing Prada. There was quite a bit of negativity then, and a lot of people saying... "Huh this is stupid" from the non gaming world. It was impossible to understand why they would want a 12-page spread with the video characters wearing printed silk shirts and sharp suits from Prada’s Spring 2012 collection... but this time people are more interested and even excited to see this.

I think it's great.

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I don't even know where to begin with this...

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final fantasy xiii-4: lightning sells out

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*stunned silence*

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I'm probably one of the few who thought Lightning was a decent character overall, since we haven't seen good FF main protagonist since FF6 (Zidane from 9 was OK I suppose) . It's a shame what SE is doing to her right now. She wouldn't say any of that s***

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...the f%$&?

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Maybe this the lighting after she stepped of the train.... Or was that sareh.....

I dunno i still need to google what that ending was about.

Just like i need to google why in advent children there was a wolve appearing at least 4 times in the film.

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As if the stupid heroine even knows about fashion.

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Okay, even I as a non-FF fan know that Lightning was beloved for completely different reasons. Who wrote this rubbish?
Doesn't sound in-character at all, which makes it feel like they wiped the personality out of it so they could use the body alone.

Touché, fashion industry. Touché!

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Double you




I think I'm beginning to bleed out of my nose from how badly this hurt my brain. :-(

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@Marikhen: You and me both, I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I read her 'statements'. Now I hate fashion even more.

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I'm not a fan of Lightning but we as gamers should be proud that our hobby is being recognized and gaining an ever-expanding exposition to the masses.

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@Silverline62: I don't think any gamer can be proud of this...

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@The_Last_Paladi: It's because of such thoughts that our community is viewed as a bunch of elitist nerds by the masses. As long as people keep being close minded it will remain as such to non-gamers.

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@Silverline62: Nah, this particular topic has nothing to do with how other people view us. I'm pretty sure non gamers would be scratching their head at this as well. Don't bring unrelated issues into this. You can be open minded and still find things idiotic, as is the case for this particular topic.

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@The_Last_Paladi: Not really, I've spoken to a few non-gamers about this and they all found it pretty cool.

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Whaa.. she isn't THAT paper-thin.

And NO that doesn't sound like Lightning at all... Are they pointing a gun at Serah's head forcing her to say this?

This is just embarrassing really.

"His collection fills me with a sense of serenity and pride" - Saving the world and rebuilding it, on the other hand, not as much?

"radiant women who are light years away from where [she] stands" - Really? Fashion models? She's an elite soldier, turned goddess of death, turned god-slayer.

"all thanks to Louis Vuitton" - Geeze Louis! You succeeded in what every other man failed - getting a compliment from Lightning and being praised by her.

Shameless marketing. I was ok with it when it was just a few pictures and video adds.

It could have been amusing if it was more convincing and in-character.

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@GunEye: Agreed. That's not the Lightning I know and love. I mean... EUGH! Bhunivelze crafted an inferior version of her and sent her to infiltrate the fashion house and destroy her image.

The last time I saw something like this was GameSpot's "interview" with Lara Croft back when The Last Revelation was being released and they had that gigantic TR hub full of interviews and such. Mind you, that had tones more respect for her character.

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This...this is just sad....

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I've been pretty patient and optimistic about Square Enix's future Final Fantasy efforts, especially Final Fantasy XV. That is despite how disappointed I was with FFXIII. This.... just makes my passion for the series die a little bit and now I'm more worried about whether the developers can present a competent story in Final Fantasy XV that doesn't make me cringe.

If they can just keep the story somewhat simple, there might be some hope. It seems like they end up making a mess every time they try to be clever or profound. I can't help but wonder if some of that problem is due to the Japanese to English translation and cultural differences.

Anyways, if S.E. really cares about this character, why would they completely sell her out to say things that sound like a clothing company changed her life and is more valuable than any of the experiences from the games she starred in? This LV interview should be an April fools joke.

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Hey Square.. stop milking this character. She's not as beloved as you think.

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This is all colours of wrong. Just disgusting.

Goes to show you what a powerful female protagonist really means to Square. Just a sex toy to hang clothes on and suck money out of when big business comes calling. Creative integrity comes second to prostitution. All the power and agency and grace reduced to a floundering materialistic socialite wetting herself at the idea of shopping for new clothes. This character is worse than dead now.

That's a new low, Square. Well done.

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What the hell did I just (partially) read? Yeah -- you know what? No. I'm done.

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@Erebus: same here *boards a rocket ship and exits planet*

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Lightning talking like this is like Kratos or Fenix being a sissy...totally out of character for them. Would've been more believable if it was Serah or even Snow.

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DVONvX happening to our world?

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I now officially disown Squeenix. I already did but I'm just reiterating.

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This would make sense for Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna and Riku but Final Fantasy XIII a fashionista all of a sudden? Argh! Seething with anger right now...

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I like the images. The giant orc standing behind me, jacking off, agrees.

Shi- missed the monitor. It's everywhere.

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I can only guess this marketing is for entertainment purposes, but only problem is that it's really stupid.

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Gotta love a female protagonist....

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I am the lightning. The rain transformed.

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"I gotta pull out" - Morpho

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Forget all you haters. She says she feels like she's finally learning who she really is. And she feels filled with serenity and pride. How is this bad? If you don't care about modelling that's fine, but obviously this girl does so please there's no need to internet bully this poor girl. Just because she's a rich and famous celebrity doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings, right?

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@HellaStoned: if I see kratos modelling Jockey underwear i'm killing someone

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@HellaStoned: Have you...played them?

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@HellaStoned: She literally killed God. Not a god, not some random deity... NO, God! Or at least the almighty and definitive power in her universe.

And some fashion designer opens her eyes about who she is? No, not true. I played all three Final Fantasy XIII games. Her personal awakening of self discovery happened at the end of the first game. Her PHYSICALLY awakening into a Goddess happened between the first game and the second game.

This is dumb marketing that goes completely against the nature of the character. She is a hardened military women TURNED GODDESS AND GOD SLAYER! NOT SOME SHALLOW RUN WAY MODEL/FASHIONISTA!

In the third game she even complains about changing battle outfits so much and wouldn't do it if it didn't unlock special abilities.

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@seven7swords: Pretty sure HellStoned was being sarcastic.

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@HellaStoned: does it count if she is a videogame character?

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Girl, you be so funny.