Final Fantasy XV Demo Will Last You 3-4 Hours or More

If you decide to explore on foot rather than in a vehicle, you may squeeze even more time out of the upcoming demo.

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Final Fantasy XV's upcoming demo will offer enough content to keep you busy for at least a few hours hours, according to Square Enix--and that's if you opt to speed things up by driving around.

The developer offered some idea of what the demo consists of during a recent Japanese live stream (as translated by Siliconera). The demo is set in the Duscae region, and you'll be able to find at least one dungeon to explore. You'll get the opportunity to drive around, in which case you can expect the demo to last for 3-4 hours. Should you elect to walk everywhere, that will extend how much time the demo takes you to play through (but by how much, Square Enix didn't say). Alternatively, if you don't bother to explore, the whole thing can be finished in about an hour.

There won't be any boss fights, but Square Enix teased that there will be something that excites fans of the franchise. On a similar note, we may even see rideable Chocobos included.

It's been an exciting week for Final Fantasy fans, as Square Enix finally began to show off XV, which has been in development for close to a decade (it was previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII). We learned that picking up a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 next year will entitle you to a code to download the demo of XV. This was initially thought to mean the demo would be available in March at the same time as Type-0, but Square Enix has since said there is not yet a date on when you'll be able to get your hands on it.

XV was being directed by Tetsuya Nomura, but we learned last week that he's stepping down to focus his efforts on Kingdom Hearts III. Hajime Tabata, director of other Final Fantasy games like Crisis Core and Type-0, will take over for Nomura.

For more on XV, check out a few minutes of combat gameplay footage here.

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