Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III coming to Xbox One

Square Enix says Final Fantasy XV is being built using DirectX 11.


Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts III

Both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will be released for the Xbox One alongside the PlayStation 4, Square Enix confirmed during an E3 2013 presentation today.

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Final Fantasy XV is the new title for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which was originally announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive back at E3 2006. Kingdom Hearts 3 is also the first mainline entry in its series since 2006.

Speaking at Square Enix's event, Final Fantasy XV producer Shinji Hashimoto added that the game was being built using DirectX 11 and would therefore be easy to port between platforms.

Square Enix adds that Kingdom Hearts III is the first time a Kingdom Hearts will be released on a Microsoft platform.

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