Final Fantasy X's Tidus, Yuna, And Lulu Come To Brave Exvius This Week

Tidus and Lulu are getting new Neo-Vision units as part of a Final Fantasy X celebration in Brave Exvius.


The weekly update for Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has added new Final Fantasy X units to the mobile gacha game. New Guardian Tidus and Besaid Mage Lulu can now be acquired, and each character is a Neo Vision unit, the highest rank in the game. Neo Vision units typically have the best stats and abilities, but leveling them up to their maximum ranking requires a lot of effort.

The end result is worth it though, as fully powered-up Neo Vision unit can become a crucial member of a party and invaluable for high-end activities in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius.

New Guardian Tidus gets a Brave Shift form that can be unlocked once he reaches his Neo Vision EX+1 form, transforming into Ace Striker Tidus. He also has a CG Limit Burst movie and the Vision Card "Not until the end... Always" that can be equipped to him for enhanced stats when he reaches NV EX +3. For Besaid Mage Lulu, her EX+1 and EX+3 awakenings will unlock the "Storming Bevelle" Vision Card.

Other Final Fantasy X celebrations in Brave Exvius include the chance to add Summoner Yuna to your collection as part of a daily free 10-character summon that starts from August 25 and ends on October 5. An NV Guaranteed 10+1 Summon Ticket, 1/10 NV Summon Tickets, and more rewards will be available by logging into the game each day.

Starting today and running until September 21, players can complete the event quest Channels of Absolution to obtain event currency that can be exchanged for materials and exclusive equipment, and there'll be a new weapon enhancement box summon quest running until September 28.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius began celebrating its sixth anniversary in July, handing out a substantial number of prizes and rewards to players. Now is a good time to hop into the game, as there's a weekly 60-character summon available. It is unfortunately too late to get the other prizes, which character summon tickets, rare materials, and a massive amount of in-game currency. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are also crossing over right now for a huge collaboration event.

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