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Final Fantasy XIV On Xbox Gets Its Own Currency And Requires Game Pass Core

The game is not an Xbox Game Pass title, however.


Square Enix has released some new details regarding Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox Series X|S, including introducing a brand-new type of premium currency called FFXIV Coins.

It appears that FFXIV Coins are exclusive to the Xbox version of the game as they need to be purchased from the Microsoft Store, and all in-game payments will be handled using those coins. Square Enix also specified that when playing on other platforms, additional payment methods will be offered.

It's already known that an Xbox Game Pass subscription (Core or Ultimate) is required to play Final Fantasy XIV, but Square Enix reiterated that it is not a title in the service's library. However, the Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition, which includes the base game, A Realm Reborn, and its two expansions--Heavensward and Stormblood--will be a free perk for Ultimate subscribers until April 19.

Final Fantasy XIV will launch on Xbox Series X|S on March 21. The newest expansion, Dawntrail, is set to launch in Summer 2024. The most recent expansion was 2021's Endwalker.

In GameSpot's Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker review, we said, "For all that Endwalker suffers from pacing issues and the sheer amount of plot lines it lobs at us, an earnestness carries the entire story. Endwalker is jubilant in its sincerity, and tender in the way it treats life and death, mankinds' inevitable failing and flaws."

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