Final Fantasy XI update

Square releases new details on the guild system, chocobos, and more.


Final Fantasy XI

SquareSoft has updated its PlayOnline Web site with new information on Final Fantasy XI for the PlayStation 2. The game will feature guilds, such as the blacksmiths' guild, culinarians' guild, bone workers' guild, fishermen's guild, and carpenters' guild--which will help players increase their "combine" skill levels, learn new item combinations, as well as buy and sell ingredients for item combinations.

Characters can also eat meals to increase their statistics. For example, meat and eggs directly increase strength, but they also decrease mind strength and have the hidden effect of reducing poison by 50 percent. Direct effects are gained simply by eating the food, while hidden effects require the food to be cooked. Players can pick up meat as a reward after defeating enemies, but meals can also be ordered in inns, bars, and restaurants.

As previously seen in screenshots, characters can ride on chocobos, provided that they have reached a higher job level and already obtained a license. They can also use chocobos to dig into fields and find hidden items.

Final Fantasy XI is scheduled for a May 16 release in Japan.

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