Final Fantasy XI update

SquareSoft releases new details on and screenshots from Final Fantasy XI, its upcoming MMORPG for the PlayStation 2.


Final Fantasy XI

SquareSoft has updated its PlayOnline Web site with new details on and screenshots from Final Fantasy XI for the PlayStation 2. The latest batch of screens from the retail version showcases the chocobos and an enemy boss known as the Shadow Dragon. Also, it has been revealed that players can use "weapon skills," which are special attacks based on the weapons they carry. For example, players can attack twice using the "double blade" weapon skill when they carry a single-handed sword, or they can use "venom," which poisons the target when attacking with a dagger.

Weapon skills can be used when the TP gauge--located below the HP and MP gauges--is filled to a certain level. If the gauge is filled past that amount when the special attack is used, the remaining TP will help inflict more damage upon enemies and add special properties to the weapon skill players have used. Final Fantasy XI for the PlayStation 2 is expected to hit stores May 16 in Japan.

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