Final Fantasy XI expands as Chains of Promathia ships to retail

The third version of the eleventh Final Fantasy boasts an expanded storyline and new areas to explore.


After today, the world of Vana'diel will never be the same. Square Enix today announced that Chains of Promathia, the second expansion to its premier massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XI, has shipped to retail. While the expansion's major enhancements include a variety of new areas to explore and some new storyline content, minor upgrades have been made in a variety of areas--from music to character animation.

Final Fantasy XI, which shipped earlier this year, included the first expansion pack, Rise of Zilart. Chains of Promathia hits stores just days after FFXI's release in Europe on September 17. With a combined user base of 500,000 in the US and Japan, FFXI connects gamers around the world to the same servers.

Be sure to check out our recent impressions of Chains of Promathia to find out if the $29.99 expansion is right for you.

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