Final Fantasy X Not Online

Square announces that Final Fantasy X will be a stand-alone PlayStation 2 game and hints at development for other next-generation consoles.


Final Fantasy X

Square has announced that Final Fantasy X will not feature PlayOnline compatibility and will instead be released as a stand-alone PlayStation 2 title in Japan. It was also announced that the launch of PlayOnline, Square's online gaming service, will be delayed. Square will initiate internal tests of the service beginning March 2001, with actual service beginning by winter 2001 in Japan. Testing on the online-exclusive Final Fantasy XI is slated to begin by winter 2001, with service expected to start by spring 2002 in Japan.

On a side note, a representative from Square also revealed that it is currently researching bringing its software to other next-generation consoles besides the PlayStation 2. "We will make efforts in gathering information surrounding the next-generation gaming consoles other than the Sony PlayStation 2 and take necessary actions accordingly," the representative stated.

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