Final Fantasy X-2 English Impressions

We see a little bit of the localized version of the Final Fantasy X sequel.


We managed to check out a bit of Final Fantasy X-2 in English at Square Enix's E3 booth, and it seems like the localization process is going well. Unfortunately, the E3 show floor is one of the most cacophonous places on the planet, so we weren't able to evaluate how the voice acting is coming along very well. It did sound to our straining ears like the same actress will be voicing Yuna, but we'll have to wait for our own copy of the game to comment on the other characters.

Fortunately, the text for the game seems to be coming along fine. The dialogue that we saw was quite lively and full of character, so fans don't have to worry that Square Enix might be skimping on the translation efforts for the sequel. Though only a little bit of the early game is available at the demo kiosk, we saw nary a piece of Japanese text, so we can assume the localization of the game is going just fine. For more information on Final Fantasy X-2, refer to our coverage of the import version.

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