Final Fantasy X-2 E3 2003 Preshow Report

Square Enix will have the latest version of its Final Fantasy sequel on display at its E3 booth.


Final Fantasy X was a huge hit for RPG magnate Square in 2002, and the newly formed Square Enix will thus bring us a follow-up to the game this fall. Titled Final Fantasy X-2, the game is the first direct sequel in the series' very lengthy history. Typically, each Final Fantasy game takes place in an entirely new setting and features a new cast of characters, but FFX-2 will revisit the world of Spira and bring back a host of familiar faces. The game will use the graphics engine from the original FFX, although the character models and animation in particular will be more detailed than in the first game.

The lighthearted nature of Final Fantasy X-2 will come as something of a surprise to fans who remember the reserved, somber tone of the original. Two years after the battle with Sin, Yuna has let go of her past as a summoner and decided to break out with a carefree attitude and an appropriate wardrobe change. Yuna will be joined by the sprightly Rikku and newcomer Paine, and the three will traipse around Spira in a quest for spheres, the small devices containing video history records that fans will remember from the first game. Yuna and friends will compete against other sphere hunters to find valuable spheres, and in the process she will become embroiled in a larger plot with ties to the first game.

Final Fantasy X-2 will make a number of changes to its predecessor. For one, your party will be limited to three characters--Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. To offset the small number of characters, the three girls will be able to "dress up" in different outfits during battle, and each outfit will have a corresponding class and set of abilities. In another twist on the standard RPG formula, FFX-2 will be set up in a mission-based format. The game will feature a number of other changes and enhancements as well--see our previous coverage of the import version for more details. We'll bring you more on the English version of Final Fantasy X-2 as soon as we get to check it out.

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