Final Fantasy VIII Toyota Promotion

Square Electronic Arts teams with Toyota for a Final Fantasy VIII presale sweepstakes.


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Square Electronic Arts announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Toyota Motor Sales for a Final Fantasy VIII presale sweepstakes campaign. Gamers that preorder Final Fantasy VIII for the PlayStation can register to win one of four 2000 Toyota Echoes, which will be given as prizes to promote the campaign. "Traditionally, presell campaigns have been about avid game players wanting to reserve a game in advance to ensure that they would be one of the first in their circle of friends to have a hot new title," said Jun Iwasaki, president of Square Electronic Arts. "As part of the campaign, consumers would also get a bonus such as a cool T-shirt or ball cap for preordering. With Final Fantasy VIII, we have really stepped up the incentive to get on board early by partnering with Toyota. Both Final Fantasy VIII and the Toyota Echo will hit the streets this fall. The opportunity to be one of the people who score both hot products will be high incentive for consumers to place early orders."

The Final Fantasy VIII presale sweepstakes begins on July 30 and runs through August 31. Final Fantasy VIII releases in the US on September 7.

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