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Final Fantasy VIII Gets Metal Cover In First Music Video From Super MadNES

The video game band Super MadNES releases its first-ever music video.


The video game band Super MadNES is releasing a new studio album, Fantasy Battles, which is inspired by the music of Final Fantasy. GameSpot is happy to be able to exclusively reveal the music video for the band's "Force Your Way" track from Final Fantasy VIII.

Fantasy Battles aims to honor the battle themes from the Final Fantasy series, while it also features a cover of the "True Survivor" song from the movie Kung Fury. As you may recall, David Hasselhoff performed that song in the movie.

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The six Final Fantasy tracks on the Fantasy Battles album can be listened to and enjoyed on their own, but Super MadNES advised listeners to listen to all of them, in order, for "maximum listening experience, as it was intended."

You can stream or purchase Fantasy Battles through Bandcamp right now digitally and on CD. Commemorative pins featuring the Super MadNES logo are also available.

The full album also features covers from Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy VII. What's more, the album includes the aforementioned "True Survivor" cover from Kung Fury and a cover of chiptune artist Zantilla's "Maggie's Quest."

Fantasy Battles Tracklist:

  1. Prologue (Final Fantasy IV)
  2. The Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy VI)
  3. Battle 1 (Final Fantasy IX)
  4. The Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy V)
  5. Force Your Way (Final Fantasy VIII)
  6. Those Who Fight Further (Final Fantasy VII)
  7. True Survivor (Kung Fury)
  8. Maggie's Quest (Zantilla)

Orange County's Super MadNES previously released the SNES-themed Blasters and Daggers album in 2016, featuring songs from Mega Max X and Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts. Before that, the group put out the NES-themed Gothic Warriors featuring covers of songs from Castlevania III and Batman.

As vaccines become available and the US concert scene begins to come back, Super MadNES is now booking shows, events, and tours for Summer 2022.

Fantasy Battles is distributed by Scarlet Moon, which is also behind the Prescription for Sleep series of lullaby video game albums, the latest of which was for Stardew Valley.

Super MadNES is made up of Ryan Iyengar and Lacey Johnson on lead keytar, with Ryan Bradley performing lead guitar. Nico Saavedra is on drums. Fantasy Battles was produced, arranged, and mixed by Saavedra.

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