Final Fantasy VIII 'coming soon' to PSN

Sony newsletter indicates Square's classic JRPG headed to PS3's online storefront in the near future.

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Most of the buzz surrounding Final Fantasy these days pertains to XIII, which PlayStation 3 owners in Japan will be able to bite into tomorrow. And while Western audiences won't see Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 and PS3 until March 9, it appears as if Sony and Square Enix will have a downloadable edition of Final Fantasy VIII on tap for the PlayStation Network sometime soon.

Sony notified the public of such in a recent e-mail blast detailing a batch of new content coming to or out now for the PlayStation 3. Specifically, Final Fantasy VIII is listed alongside Buzz Quiz World and District 9 in the "Coming Soon" section of Sony's newsletter.

Squall is a hit among cosplayers across the globe.
Squall is a hit among cosplayers across the globe.

Originally released for the PlayStation in 1999, Final Fantasy VIII found itself in the unsavory position of following Square's highly acclaimed Final Fantasy VII, which surfaced on the PS Store in June. Still, the game managed to achieve substantial acclaim, thanks to a storyline that follows Squall Leonheart and other military academy graduates as they join the elite combat unit Seed.

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