Final Fantasy VIII Card Battle!

TOKYO - New minigame revealed for the anticipated Square RPG, Final Fantasy VIII.


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TOKYO - FFVII included a bunch of cool minigames so it's no surprise that the next installment of the series will have some too. The first one that has been revealed is Card Battle. This option becomes available only in city and garden areas of the game where you talk with townspeople. Instead of pressing the circle button to talk with them, you press the square to play card battle. This will only work if they have cards to battle with. The format is a cross between Othello and I Declare War where the person with the higher face value card will win.

You can obtain new cards through Card Battles as well as pick them up after regular monster encounters or use the card ability from the battle menu screen.

There will be many cards that are difficult to obtain, but those determined few who collect them all will be rewarded in some way.

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