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Final Fantasy VII x Apex Legends Event Announced At The Game Awards

The unexpected collaboration seems to imply Apex's legends will be getting Final Fantasy-themed cosmetic skins--and Heirloom Weapons.


Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is coming to Apex Legends. The unexpected collaboration was announced at The Game Awards via a trailer that gave players a taste of the unique skins coming to the game as part of the event.

"The future has the power to change anything, even the past," Apex legend Horizon says in the new trailer as a single feather floats down into the Outlands from above.

Horizon--who has been searching for a way to time-travel back to her son after getting trapped in a black hole--can be seen in the trailer alongside Wraith and Crypto, who appears in a Cloud Strife cosmetic skin. He even wields Cloud's iconic Buster Sword, which could suggest his Biwon Blade Heirloom Weapon may be getting a recolor.

The collaboration appears to be a Collection Event, though the trailer doesn't name it as such, and fineprint at the bottom of the screen claims the trailer is a mixture of both gameplay and cinematic cutscenes. Despite not revealing many many details about the event itself, the trailer ends with an image of the three legends drawn in the style of Final Fantasy character art, with Crypto as cloud, Wraith as Tifa, and Horizon as Aerith. This seems to suggest that Apex's legends will each be getting a Final Fantasy-themed cosmetic skin for the event, though what the event itself entails isn't clear.

The trailer unveiled at The Game Awards does confirm one thing, however: The Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth x Apex Legends event will begin on January 9.

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