Final Fantasy VII Skips a Beat

Video game rentals for the week show some weakness for Square's epic RPG.


Final Fantasy VII

The top-renting video games for the week ending Oct. 5 saw GoldenEye hold on to its lock on the number 1 position, FFVII drop a slot to number 3, MRC move to the number 2 slot, StarFox slip a notch, and Mr. Mario hang on to the number 5 position.

In their current order, weeks on the chart and rental revenues for the week, here's the lineup:

1. GoldenEye 007 (N64) 6 $302,940

2. MRC Multi Racing Challenge (N64) 9 $133,040

3. Final Fantasy VII (PS) 3 $121,330

4. Starfox (N64) 15 $100,960

5. Mario Kart (N64) 33 $99,920

Rankings and revenues are from the Video Software Dealers Association's VidTrac tracking system.

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