Final Fantasy VII rereleased for PS3, PSP

E3 2009: Square Enix role-playing classic launches three consecutive days of PlayStation Network updates.


LOS ANGELES--The entire game industry is working overtime because of this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the people working on Sony's PlayStation Network store are no different. Ordinarily updated only on Thursdays, the online storefront for the PlayStation 3 and PSP is getting three new volleys of content this week for North American consumers.

Has the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one passed yet?
Has the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one passed yet?

Sony opened up the release spigot Tuesday with the addition of two hit PlayStation games to the downloadable catalog: Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor. Final Fantasy VII is the oldest game in the Square Enix series yet to be remade, but at least those clamoring for Cloud and Sephiroth will be able to relive the original story for $9.99. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts' original World War II shooter Medal of Honor will cost the more standard $5.99.

The rerelease isn't the only Final Fantasy-related content new to the PlayStation store. Sony also put up new themes, trailers, and wallpaper for the upcoming PSP fighting spin-off Final Fantasy: Dissidia. Rounding out the releases are free downloadable content for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce and a slew of E3 trailers for Uncharted 2, Fat Princess, Heavy Rain, and more.

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Finally! I have been waiting for this for damn too long!!

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"Final Fantasy VII is the oldest game in the Square Enix series yet to be remade" Wrong, FF5 is. FF5 has been ported to the GBA but it hasn't gotten a full blown remake yet. Same goes for FF6.

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come on Square a ps3 remake would be so bad @$$

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i dont have a good copy & no psn card i'll be waiting for a while

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never got the chance of actually playing, so this is (almost) a must to me. i'm talking about medal of honor BTW :lol: :lol: jk

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I wish they'd release some PS2 games. With no backwards compatitibility I'm stuck. I'd totally play FFX again.

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Awesome, I've been wanting to play FF7 so badly, but my copy got destroyed when I let a friend borrow it. Can't wait!

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i am buying this forsure

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I'm getting a Psp by the end of the year and a Ps3 at the start of the next

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Yum. Actually a damn good deal for $10 regardless if you've played it 50 times or if you were 3 years old at time of the original release and wonder wth people have always rambled about. ...Not surprised though. Given that VII has been out of print for... well, ever... and that they could easily have re-released the PSone version unchanged and sold a few million copies... $10 is frankly pretty generous and doesn't feel like milking it. There will be epic disappointment if there's no remake, especially after this. With how long developments take for SE, they've got to speak of it soon or miss the window where PS3 (and certainly 360) are long-set and people aren't waiting in line for the next versions yet. Tokyo Game Show in september?

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man just remake it already!

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In all seriousness, that great that they are releasing it again. I guess it wasn't so bad.

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i still have a ps1 copy...i sold my orginal...then got a new one,...then sold that...then got a new one in 04...which was incredibly f'n hard to find by then. i vowed to never sell it again! i also have copies of 8 & 9 which are even harder to find.

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as long as they don't change anything to the game except fresh graphics and maybe new side quests/ secret stuff i'm in :)

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Please people, this was not the best game ever! It is not the best RPG ever. It isn't even the best Square game ever. Here is my proof. Time for...Lines from the Game: Sephoroth: Im so sad, my mom is an alien, and I'm a science experiment, woe is me... Cloud: I can't remember who I am, so I will pretend I am someone else... Barret and Tifa: We are the only good Characters! Bauhmat: Fire goooood!

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Its great to see them do this, as with as much hype this game has gotten over the past 12 years(its that old...and I think I still have my shirt from that good ol' Toys R Us preorder somewhere), for those who missed it the first time around it has become increasingly hard to get ahold of the game that actually started all the hype, the spin-offs and movies...and it saddened me to have these guys sitting more or less clueless on the new content. But here we are, great game, amazing price, an opportunity few should pass if you enjoy JRPGs. Great news!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I may own the original, but I'd love a backup copy.

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hellllllzzz yeas this is awsome, heres to selling my ff7 copy for $150, naw not foreal ima keep it

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Timeless cIassic. Best thing you could ever buy with 10 bucks. :D

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Aaaaaand...boom! Final piece in the puzzle that would suggest a remake is on its way has arrived. Companies frequently use the sales of re-releases and classics compilations to determine whether or not they should do a remake. So, barring poor sales of this re-release, the FF7 remake is now on its way.

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About dang time.

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Time to dig the PSP out from my basement. I lost interest in that system after I beat Crisis Core...

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Good, maybe this will lower the price of the original, which imo, sucked.

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Everyone who haven't played FF7 should try it now.

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$10 is pretty good for a game going from $150 to $700 for a new hard copy online, and the used ones aren't too cheap either... anyhow, for a classic game like this it's a bargain

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Now remake it and i would buy a ps3. Greatest game ever made!!

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh snap! Reason to buy a PSP!

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Downloaded it, playing it. This game has aged beautifully, even if you play it on a HD TV on your PS3. Once you get used to the polygonal characters (and it doesn't take long), you hardly notice that you're playing a 12 year old game.

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i totally expected this to be 15 or 20 so 10 is a nice surprise and i'll probably pick it up soon.

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They really should make it HD though...

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Ok so it's the exact same game? Might give it a shot.

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cool! And now I wish I had PS3 ^^

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I already DL'ed it. I've always wanted to play the classic PS1 FF games on a handheld.

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That's awesome!

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I think $9 would.

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$10... can't beat that price.