Final Fantasy VII rereleased for PS3, PSP

E3 2009: Square Enix role-playing classic launches three consecutive days of PlayStation Network updates.


LOS ANGELES--The entire game industry is working overtime because of this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the people working on Sony's PlayStation Network store are no different. Ordinarily updated only on Thursdays, the online storefront for the PlayStation 3 and PSP is getting three new volleys of content this week for North American consumers.

Has the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one passed yet?
Has the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one passed yet?

Sony opened up the release spigot Tuesday with the addition of two hit PlayStation games to the downloadable catalog: Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor. Final Fantasy VII is the oldest game in the Square Enix series yet to be remade, but at least those clamoring for Cloud and Sephiroth will be able to relive the original story for $9.99. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts' original World War II shooter Medal of Honor will cost the more standard $5.99.

The rerelease isn't the only Final Fantasy-related content new to the PlayStation store. Sony also put up new themes, trailers, and wallpaper for the upcoming PSP fighting spin-off Final Fantasy: Dissidia. Rounding out the releases are free downloadable content for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce and a slew of E3 trailers for Uncharted 2, Fat Princess, Heavy Rain, and more.

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I knew this was going to happen! I felt it in me bones

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whats the big deal? I've been playing final fantasy 7 on my psp for a while now.... and the best part is I did'nt have to pay 10 bucks for it since I already own it.....

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@ Kajiuro WTF is your problem? If you don't like the game THE DON'T BUY IT! I really hate that every time some person say that it is over hype etc, etc bla bla bla it sound that you have bin forced to buy it, and I don't think that any one is forceing you to buy it.

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I can't get into turn-based games.

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give me FF8 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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When will this game die? It's been through all the phases already. Over hyped, over rated, crappy spin-offs, a stupid movie, and now, a re-release. The milk has gone sour, please put the poor cow to rest.

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Hurray! Oh wait... I hunted down FFVII for PS1 already... :(

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got the game for the original PSX and now I have it on my PS3/PSP good job Square Enix, now lets get a remake of it with advent children graphics and release it in stores and ill be one happy camper :D

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i got all psone-released final fantasies on discs now... it arrived a little late!! (i'd still buy it just to have it on the go - i mean, when i take my ps3 somewhere else that has a tellly)

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Even if I had a PS3, I wouldn't bother with this "remake" since I already own the original game.

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let the milking begin.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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People know that the ps3 always was able to play ps1 games if you put the ps1 disc. Right? This psn game is the same thing as the ps1 game, is not a real remake. But i do think this is awesome. Since is only $9.9, is difficult to find the original in store, and most people old games already is scratched or lost. And playing on psp is very cool. Although if you had a hacked psp, you already could.

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Zidaneski ff7 is "remade" but not to the standards people wanted it to be remade, its probably cleaned up a little bit for gameplay so its not as "pointy" graphics and they may of added some updated videos. They should of totally overhauled the game and put this era of graphics into the game but keep the story intact but they will never do that because thats what the consumer wants and not the company

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I wonder what is the other 49 classic game they put up. And I want FF8 and Megaman Legends also.

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To the one's calling me an idiot for thinking this was a remake.. get off your high horse. If they didn't want to imply that it was a complete re-haul, they would've said "Final Fantasy VII coming to PSN, PSP." They knew that saying "re-released" would get a lot more hits on the article because of what most people would interpret it as (considering how large the rumor is still today.), so they opted to go with it. You can't call me irrational for thinking this. Seriously though, Gamespot annoys me more and more each day.

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Wow, great news. The reasons for me to get a PSP is building and building with this years e3

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Oh I might have spoken too soon there. Just saw an article an a UK site that said PAL territories are getting it too :)

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Sigh, sounds like just North America at the moment. The PSN Store down here has bugger all PSOne classics in it :(

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FFVII for PS3? I need me a PS3 now...

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it would be awesome if they posted ff8 next year

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Do you think they will have the same graphics? on PSP and PS3? or will the PS3 have much better graphics of the game?

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thats is nice because is really expensive buy final fantasy VII Disc new, thnx Square Enix

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Read before you post RTS.

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brendan sinclair i hate you, because is not a remade... its a re-release , that word clarify all

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Batman0811,Final Fantasy VII is not overrated at all--it is such a fantastic game with an amazing story,stop hatin' It's on my list of CONTEXTUAL best games ever.For its time,it was mind blowing,and it kind of still is,aside from the graphics.

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Awesome, I'm already playing it!!!

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Sweet- this is only a teaser for what's to actually come, methinks...

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man oh man this is really an over rated game, i understand its very popular but there a ton of better rpgs than final fantasy vii

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Sweet! now maybe ff8, 9, or tactics even?! Please!!

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I've still havn't found a copy of it on PS1, but now I can finally get it to play on my PSP.

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You guys are idiots. It says "re-released" in the title not "remake"... some people....

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wait, just caught up with me.... AAAAWWWWW! Damn you Gamespot!!!

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if i had a psp, i would play that game and take around me where ever i go. but i put in over 100+ hours when this first came out and i would not do that again for a game i already played to death. great game.

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YEEEEES! Finally our prays have been answered! Can not wait!

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Yesss, I was sooooo happy when they announced this yesterday at the Sony conference.

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I almost had a heart attack when i saw that headline, dont screw with me gamespot D=

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It's not misleading. Re-released. Meaning it was released once and is now released again. If it were an updated game or whatever you may be implying, it would say remake released. Though I have seen some doozies before.

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I got an email of updates saying ff7 coming to ps3 and psp. I stopped, cried, and told all of my friends, then read the article, then I cried again beacause it wasn't true.

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no remake U_U

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V and VI have been remade already, VII hasn' it's correct =P

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"Final Fantasy VII is the oldest game in the Square Enix series yet to be remade," wrong FFV is.............and VI would be a great remake, better than VII.

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misleading title GS. change it to FF7 arriving to PSN

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Yawn, here i thought it was what we really wanted.........thanks but im gonna pass, i already HAVE a copy of FFVII sitting on my shelf and i dont need it to clutter up my hdd too.

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I wish Sony had at least smoothed out the graphics a little

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Without updated graphics I am going to pass. I'm not going through this game again. I beat it years ago. But if you never played then I guess its okay.

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I'm getting sick of Gamespot and their misleading headlines.. I came into this thinking Sony had announced a rendition of FFVII for next-gen consoles.