Final Fantasy VII rereleased for PS3, PSP

E3 2009: Square Enix role-playing classic launches three consecutive days of PlayStation Network updates.


LOS ANGELES--The entire game industry is working overtime because of this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the people working on Sony's PlayStation Network store are no different. Ordinarily updated only on Thursdays, the online storefront for the PlayStation 3 and PSP is getting three new volleys of content this week for North American consumers.

Has the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one passed yet?
Has the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one passed yet?

Sony opened up the release spigot Tuesday with the addition of two hit PlayStation games to the downloadable catalog: Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor. Final Fantasy VII is the oldest game in the Square Enix series yet to be remade, but at least those clamoring for Cloud and Sephiroth will be able to relive the original story for $9.99. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts' original World War II shooter Medal of Honor will cost the more standard $5.99.

The rerelease isn't the only Final Fantasy-related content new to the PlayStation store. Sony also put up new themes, trailers, and wallpaper for the upcoming PSP fighting spin-off Final Fantasy: Dissidia. Rounding out the releases are free downloadable content for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce and a slew of E3 trailers for Uncharted 2, Fat Princess, Heavy Rain, and more.

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ditto vulpis, what kind of misleading garbage is that title -- "rerelease for PS3"?

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I just knew they'd bring this title over, since they had released it in Japan. I just didn't expect it to be this quick! XD

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I thought by rerelease, they mean a remake. :(

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They had this available in Japan for a while. Now we get to relive the adventure on our PSP....about time. Of course "others" found a way to do it without waiting but for the rest of us, this is good news. I'm not too mad about the above average price of a classic game for the simple reason that it's over 1G of goodness we have to download. How many PS1 games had 1G of anything in them. Now if I could get Xenogears on the go...or figure out a way to download the orginal PS1 game I have of it into my PS3 & then transfer it to my PSP...I'd be one happy dude.

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Took them long enough to Bring back FF7

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WOW! I never played FFVII but I just downloaded it and its pretty good (despite being what...12 years old?) I'm so happy Sony is focusing on the PSP again, the platform has so much potential & they're finally using it! NOW....put Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, & Silent Hill on the PSN and I'm good!

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When I orginally played Medal of Honor on the PS1 it was an awesome game for the time. Playing it now is difficult as the controls are counter-intuitive. The controls are now very frustrating. Same can be said for parts of FF VII. Press O to accept is hard to remember, as X is the standard now. Looks good on the PSP but the character models do not look so good on a big LCD screen. Looking forward to replaying through this awesome game.

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WOW! What a shocker.Finally a classic game that is truly a "Classic"! In some ways this is Sony way of making up with us for making a crap 80G PSP.Not all of them are, but the ones with no "emotion engine" are. But that is a rant for a different column.This is to celebrate the rerelease of FF VII. This game set Squaresoft far above anyone else at ithe time in the development of fantasy RPG's.It also made the PSX THE system to but if you were a hardcore gamer. What a great release.To bad SquareEnix is greedy and wants more for it than what other companies charge for older games.

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Well im looking to get a PSP Go when it's released over here, because my little bro threw my PSP Phat down the stairs which pritty much destoried the screen, after that i sold my PSP to a friend who takes second hand PSP's to attemp mods (which i don't approve of but cash for a busted console is fine with me),so i'll be getting a PSP go when it's released in Europe and hopfully FFVII will be on the Europe PSN by that time (even if i do already own a mint condition, sealed copy, and a wreaked, due to too much play, open copy), just can't get enough of Final Fantasy VII.

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Brendan deserves a smack upside the head for that article title. Releasing a PS1 game on Sony's download service is *not* 'Rereleasing it for PS3', any more than GameTap's efforts were 'rereleasing' classic console games for PC. :-/ Idiot.

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basically, they made ff VII and everyone had a good time, kinda like when you get a sweet peice of ass. that made everybody want more. over the years they've been teasing us, with spin offs, sequels and movies to get our blood pumpin. now they're strokin us with the rerelease of the game for psp and ps3, and next they're gonna hold up there for as long as they can till they give us the grand finale with a remake, which will require a change of pants ;)

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YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SquareRocks heart skipped a beat when I saw the title of this article; well, for a second at least :( till I noticed it said psp too and realized they were just porting it. They're definitely going to remake it though. I don't see a point in creating a ton of mediocre spin offs and a sequel film of the game without giving it a remake, so a remake is definintely looming in the future.

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FF7 rocks. That is all that needs to be said!

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I hope they keep coming out with ps1 games for ps3/psp (mostly for use on psp) I would want FFIX and Chrono Cross.

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When did they remake FFVI? They ported it to GBA with a new dungeon, but that's hardly a remake. Kind of a shame since it's a much better game than anything else in the series.

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only a re release thats sad i was waiting for a new ff7 look but its gonna look the same thats nvm imma get hit by gamespot again

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Could they maybe announce a European version of this like... soon? I was pretty damn excited when they announced it then saw it was America only. I love the people saying do a remake like they could just drop everything and do it. It'd take at least 2 years to make it and the Squenix team focus all their energies on the main games, it just simply isn't going to happen in the near future. I did hear from someone when they brought out Advent Children that by the time the 20th anniversary rolled around they wanted to make a sequel, another film and a remake. I'd imagine the sequel morphed into Crisis Core, which gives them 8 years to bring out a second film and a remake. As far as we know neither is in active development, so who knows...

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"C' mon Squenix make the FF7 Remake for PS3 already!"

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"C' mon Squenix make the FF7 Remake for PS3 already!" Now wait a minute! FF7 came out for the PS and for the PC! If the PS3 gets a remake, so does the PC!

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I love Sony.

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Put this baby on my psp. I'm a happy camper. FF7 on the GO!

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Does the PSN version work with the analog stick on a PS3 controller, or do you still have to use the D-Pad to move around?

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C' mon Squenix make the FF7 Remake for PS3 already! 8)

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I bought my final fantasy VII for PS1 at 8 dollars to a friend! and ill get this one on the psp go!

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I already have the actual game discs lol but I will buy it when I get my PSP Go!

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youngsexynerd... $140? that's retarded.

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cheap! why not remake and face lift? they did a tech demo for it and it created lots of buzz! this is a lame way to honor such a great game!

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Whew, finally... Now, where can I get $9.99?...

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NOOOOOOOOOOOO, i thought this was a news bulletin saying the game would be remade for ps3 like they teased with the tech demo a few years ago, my hopes just got crushed

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lol at you for being a paris hilton fan. an i paid 140 because i work an have money, an i wanted to make sure i had an excellent copy of the game, with no scratches, now go back to being a whores #1 fan!!! okay

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Maybe Ill get a psp and play this

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has this had any botox? or is it just a straight of emulated version

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Yay now we can enjoy a classic for only $9.99. This beats looking for this online and paying like 1000 bucks for it

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Lol at the guy who payed $140 for Final Fantasy VII calling someone an idiot.

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now they need to get VIII and IX up there!!

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an maybe now its gonna start being cheaper then because this game is being re released again!!

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okay dude, btmnhatesrbn, r u serious??? no ur not, u cant be, im a huge final fantasy fan an ive had over 3 copys of ff7, an trust u cant get it anywhere for under 60 maybe 70 dollars, an thats only if your extremely lucky ull find it for under 100 on ebaay, personaly i bought it on ebay an payed $140 for mine, dude your an idiot i shouldnt even have replied back to you, your obviosly talking about crisis core ff7, okay thats not the same game im talking about, so before you open your yap an talk nonsense do your research an get back to me!!!

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LOL, Im currently playing it on my PS3 using my original copy.. Even though this is a 1997game, and the graphics cant be compared to nowadays games, this is for me, the greatest game ever made.. Im at the Grand Glacier part, just got ALEXANDER :o ... WTB REMAKE of FF VII with Advent Children Graphics..

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"V and VI have been remade already, VII hasn' it's correct =P" They have been ported, not remade......III and IV have. I hope this rerelease kills any more "We wnat a FFVII remake".....this game is so overrated.

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Bring it on Sony! Vandal Hearts, Persona, F. Fantasy, Shadow Hearts, and so many more! those saying stuff about over-hype and milking, are officially sour and spoiled themselves.

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@youngsexynerd Final Fantasy VII is a dime-a-dozen game that can be found for around $14.99 average at any game store in the United States, and is sold very cheaply on eBay,, and as such. If some idiots are "convinced" that the game is worth $150, then so what? Also, can you provide some PROOF that the game has retailed for that much on eBay's service? And, also, what's not to stop somebody with a hacked PSP or PS3 and just downloading the disc images from a piracy site to play the game for free? It's on tons of abadonware sites for Windows as well. Please, think, research, formulate, then compose before you open your yap!

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@ hannify: yes, its up on US PSN servers right now

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so is this going to ps3 outside japan? i remember it was japan only

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how is $9.99 milking??? u idiots that r saying that should die, personally i belive they should have priced this game for at least $20.00, this is one of the best games ever made an seeing as you could only get it for about $150 or higher on ebay, $9.99 is basically chump change for this

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Great i recently lost my copy for the PS1.

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@ hannify: I went onto PSN today. it's there for the 9.99 price tag (US PSN). And Sony also announced there would be as many as 100 original titles by year's end on the PSN. so odds of seeing more FFs up there are good. And for 10 bucks apiece, definitely worth it, but you can buy copies of FF8 and FF9 brand new from some sites for 15-20 bucks. Greatest Hits of course.

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now i'll get the chance to play what some ppl claim is the best final fantasy ever. im hopin they are right.

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I probably wont be getting it since I have the original PS1 copy, but this would be awesome for people who have never played it, or lost their original copy. if you havent played it yet, get it for 10$ instead of the original copy which can sell for 40$+ probably the best 10$ you will ever spend on a game.