Final Fantasy VII rereleased for PS3, PSP

E3 2009: Square Enix role-playing classic launches three consecutive days of PlayStation Network updates.


LOS ANGELES--The entire game industry is working overtime because of this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the people working on Sony's PlayStation Network store are no different. Ordinarily updated only on Thursdays, the online storefront for the PlayStation 3 and PSP is getting three new volleys of content this week for North American consumers.

Has the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one passed yet?
Has the statute of limitations on spoilers for this one passed yet?

Sony opened up the release spigot Tuesday with the addition of two hit PlayStation games to the downloadable catalog: Final Fantasy VII and Medal of Honor. Final Fantasy VII is the oldest game in the Square Enix series yet to be remade, but at least those clamoring for Cloud and Sephiroth will be able to relive the original story for $9.99. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts' original World War II shooter Medal of Honor will cost the more standard $5.99.

The rerelease isn't the only Final Fantasy-related content new to the PlayStation store. Sony also put up new themes, trailers, and wallpaper for the upcoming PSP fighting spin-off Final Fantasy: Dissidia. Rounding out the releases are free downloadable content for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce and a slew of E3 trailers for Uncharted 2, Fat Princess, Heavy Rain, and more.

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@Avenger1324 Because Europe doesn't count for Sony. Just look at the price for the new PSP: 249,99 EUR. Euro and US-Dollar are not equal. $249,99 are around 165 EUR. The other way around europeans have to pay around $330. Same with the releases. I remember when Final Fantasy VII was coming out for PSone When Europe got the game 6 months later. Thankfully it doesn't take that long anymore.

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Sony, a re-make is not the same as a re-release. Please fix this.

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Why always leave Europe behind? :(

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According to the below link, it should be available on the EU store later today << LINK REMOVED >>

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I already have the game but having the opportunity to play it portable is awesome. One thing that sucks though, it ain't out in Europe yet and judging by the games you guys have on the US PS Store, it seems we are getting the short end of the stick. You guys have actual PS One Classics on there like SOTN, Tekken 2 and the Spyro PS Trilogy. We have games like Street Skate, Jet Rider and Creatures 3 that all but 5 people actually care about and that you can get cheaper than the price on there. I hope someone at Sony Europe wises up and starts putting these games over here. By the way, I am wondering has anyone used a US account from the UK or Europe to download PS one Classics and if so, does it work on your PS3/PSP? I want to get FF VII and just want to make sure it works alright first.

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Now I HAVE TO find out how to access PSN. I made the silly mistake of choosing Iceland in my profile instead of Britain. Thusly, I cannot access PSN. I also seem to have "misplaced" my password, so my profile cannot be changed by me. Only way out is to delete my master account and therefore all game saves. Sigh, I miss memory cards. I might try to contact Sony for help first, though.

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when i saw the name of this article my jaw just dropped and i was like holy ****!!!! they've done it!!! they've remade Final Fantasy VII!!! and then when i found out it just a rerelease on PSN, i went- oh. still good, since i haven't even played a FF game (i played Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, if that means anything), this sounds good to me once i get a job and wifi in my house. Seriously if Square announced a FFVII remake as a PS3 exclusive now, Sony would absolutely dominate E3.

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finally everyone gets to play this legendary game remake =[

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@toxicmog, you can access the playstation network website though and download stuff to your psp via USB.

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i had a hacked psp about a year ago (now missing) and i used to be able to play ps1 games converted from .iso to .eboot on it using the official sony update that allowed for the playing of official PSN games. this is probably the wrong place to ask this, but do you need a hacked psp in order to play your own converted .eboot ps1 games?

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Toxic, there actually already is a PC version of FFVII.Not sure how easy it'd be to get to run these days though.

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@toxicmog: Yes, you can - but to download anything you need to have PSP connected (at least it was the case a while ago). You can go to Playstation Store directly with PSP though.

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toxicmog: It's called 'playstation network' maybe that's your clue. This will just be FF7 with original graphics on the PSP. People with POPs will have been playing it like this for ages.

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@ feirlessleider You realize that "tech demo" was just the end scene from FF:Crisis Core, right? Since Crisis Core is followed by FFVII, it made sense to re-do the opening scene of VII as the closing scene to Core.

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can i use psn from my pc? Dont have a PS3. I still want FFVII

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Got to download that. And speaking of the $9.99 price point, Resident Evil Director's Cut was the same price.

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@ AriotUK - I too love VAGRANT STORY. One of the finest RPG's i we ever played. The weapon/fighting system is superb up to this day.

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this is good but the thing is, for those in the modding/homebrew community, we've been playing any Playstation game we want on PSP, including this and the other Final Fantasies, VIII is my favourite :)

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hope it gets some touch ups!

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So will there be any touch ups, or is it just the old version in its entirety?

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turn-based RPG was at its peak during PS1 days

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@ fierro316 "I want the SaGas, Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story and Xenogears if that's not too much asking." Vagrant Story, please Vagrant Story. Can you tell I'm a fan?

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I hope the psp version is on a UMD and not downloadable...

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woopdy doo...

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LOL i just sold a copy to a collector for $75, and I still got one to spare. I wonder if the graphics have been touched up??

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I want the SaGas, Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story and Xenogears if that's not too much asking.

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i would love to pay 80 bucks for a ps3 version of the game ^^

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holy jesus did anyone else think, for a split second, that the news headline actually meant that theres gonna be a remake of ff7 on the ps3??

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The only good thing that came out of this is I can now have FF7 on the go. I'll probably replay it again someday, but for me, I am looking forward to a rerelease of FF9. That game on PSP and on the go will be freakin awesome.

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For the like 5 people on the face of the earth who still haven't played FFVII, this is fantastic news.I'd probably replay it myself if i hadn't played it for over 99 hours, got a gold chocobo and all that, back when it originally came out.Oh yeah the original MoH is pretty good too.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@Kajiuro FF7 isnt $80. Its gonna be on the PSN and its being sold for $10.

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@Naruto166 Next time you aim a post at me, do it right, don't try to avoid me giving a response. First off, in no way did I say, or allude to that I was being forced to buy the game, and let me tell you, I won't be. Secondly, I think I speak on behalf of all those gamers who grew up during the era where gaming was "shunned," when I look for more than a RE-RELEASE of a game that is TEN YEARS OLD. Please, if I wanted to play something 10 years old, I'd pop in the original, this is obviously a plan to milk idiots like yourself who like to buy the same crap over and over. Have fun with the $80 price tag they'll end up slapping on this re-skinned "masterpiece."

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Final Fantasy 13 looks very insane but I can't believe that it ain't coming out this year.

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I'm sure I'm not the only person who thought this meant the UPDATED re-release of FFVII. Damn you Sony and Squeenix for making that tech demo!

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Lets hope Final Fantasy 8 and then 9 are to follow :D

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I still got my originally copy hehe. And at the time it cost me my old Playstation console [ the big grey one].

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My heart skipped a beat when I saw it on the PSN, by the way I'm back Gamespot after 2 years lol!!!^_^

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Yes, it's about time, I just want to play FFVII, without having to pay a small fortune for it over Ebay, and now thats possible, but I'll be playing for PSP.

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Final Fantasy VII for $9.99?!??! Holy hell this is a dream come true...

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What i Can Bring Final Fantasy 7 to work!

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I still have my original final fantasy 7 game in my room :D

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Gamespot worded that title like that on purpose...maaaaaan.

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I'm excited to get this game. Starting a doubt a remake anytime soon though

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@tk tiger I don't know if "shat on from a great height" is a european phrase, but that's absolutely hilarious.

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Yeah. we want a remake of FF VII, not the same old PS1 game.

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It's nice to know that us people in Europe are still shat on from a great height when it comes to released schedules. Even in the age digital distribution; old habits die hard, I guess.

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damn....... i got excited for nothing from that title..... i though it meant an ff7 remake.....

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yay finally i've been wanting to play this game finally!