Final Fantasy VII Early?

Many retailers have Final Fantasy VII listed as arriving earlier than expected. What's the real story?


Final Fantasy VII

With the release of Final Fantasy VII approaching fast, many gamers are wondering exactly when the game will be available for purchase from their local stores.

GS News contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America today to clear up the confusion. We were told that the official release date remains September 7, and has been so since the company announced a firm release date last spring.

However, some retail software stores have the game listed as coming in early - as early as September 2. While this won't be the official date, a Sony spokeswoman today said that nothing is preventing stores from selling the game early. Many stores have even asserted that they expect to be completely sold out of the game by the official release date.

Sony said that Final Fantasy VII will be their biggest product launch in the PlayStation's history, and already TV ads for the game have been spotted.

So either way, Final Fantasy VII's official date is still the 7th, but you can expect local stores to begin selling it early. Time to get in line...

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