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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Decks And Booster Boxes Are Pretty Cheap Right Now

Several Final Fantasy TCG premade decks, booster boxes, and anniversary collection sets are up to 50% off at Amazon.


Several official Final Fantasy trading card game starter decks, booster boxes, and anniversary collections are discounted on Amazon right now. While these discounts are great for anyone looking to get into the Final Fantasy TCG or expand their existing card collection, they're also worth checking out for fans who don't plan on playing a TCG, since each card features art from throughout the series, making them a fun collector's items.

Final Fantasy TCG starter decks
Final Fantasy TCG starter decks

For those who want to dip into the game for the first time, picking up one of the pre-made starter decks is a great choice. There are quite a few premade decks available at Amazon, with the most affordable being the Final Fantasy Type-0 themed deck that you can snag for $15 (typical price on Amazon: $20). The Final Fantasy XII, XIII, and XIV starter decks are also good options, as each is available for just $20. And if you want a bundle made for two players, there's the $35 Final Fantasy XV Two-Player Starter Set, which comes with two decks based on the characters Noctis and Ardyn from Final Fantasy XV. Each Final Fantasy TCG starter deck includes 50 cards, a fold-out paper playmat, and a rulebook.

Final Fantasy TCG Starter Decks

Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary collection
Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary collection

While a starter deck is a great entry point to the Final Fantasy TCG, a few are priced much higher than the rest--notably the Final Fantasy VII deck for $44. If you plan on spending that much, you might as well pay just a few bucks more for one of the big Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary Collection Sets, which feature over 240 cards per box. Each Anniversary Set covers a specific Final Fantasy TCG expansion or card run, like the $49 Opus 2022 Anniversary Collection, or the $65 2024 Anniversary Collection.

Final Fantasy TCG Anniversary Collection Sets

Final Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes booster box
Final Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes booster box

If you want to go all-in, there are also Final Fantasy TCG booster display boxes available that net you over 430 cards per box. The cards are spread across 36 booster packs from specific expansion sets. While these sets tend to be the most expensive Final Fantasy TCG offerings on Amazon, a few are relatively affordable right now. The Opus 3 booster box is down to just $57 (normally $60), while the Opus 5 box is $60 (down from $80). Other booster boxes go for quite a bit more, like the $120 Opus 7 box or the $130 Dawn of Heroes box--but considering you're getting over 400 cards per box, those prices are pretty reasonable.

Be aware that stocks and prices may fluctuate, so make sure you grab them while they're still available.

Final Fantasy TCG Booster Display Boxes

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