Final Fantasy Tactics director wants your money to make a new tactical RPG

Probably the closest thing we'll get to a new Final Fantasy Tactics game anytime soon.

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Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story director Yasumi Matsuno is helming a new Kickstarter project for a new tactical RPG.

Called Unsung Story, and tentatively scheduled to be released in June 2015, the game will revolve around an entire 77-year conflict between various characters and armies. Characters are said to take part in episodes, each spanning different lengths and viewpoints--players will start new chapters up against the forces they were representing in previous episodes, for instance.

The class-based, turned-based RPG will feature 3D battlefields with a user-controllable camera, and characters can change classes based on their professions. Players will customise their squads by mixing and matching these classes as they see fit. Classes mentioned include the War Mage, Ballast Knight, and Polearm Knight, who respectively slot into the Clergy, Noble, and Pioneer professions.

At time of writing, 5282 backers have contributed $211,914 of the game's $600,000 target. Unsung Story will make its way to iOS and Android regardless of the crowdfunding campaign, but if the initial target is met then PC, Mac, and Windows phone versions will also be developed.

Stretch goals include bringing Hitoshi Sakimoto, Alexander O. Smith, and Joseph Reeder into development of Unsung Story, and a PS Vita version if the funding reaches $1.8 million.

Alongside Matsuno and team, Unsung Story is being published by Playdek, the mobile publisher behind Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep, Agricola, and maid-hiring sim Tanto Cuore.

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