Final Fantasy Tactics creator announces new project

Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics creator announces new series, Unsung Story; first game will be a tabletop-like card game for mobile devices.


Mobile game publisher Playdek today announced a new partnership with Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story creator Yasumi Matsuno for a series of mobile games under the title "Unsung Story."

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The first game will be a tabletop-like card game with mechanics designed by Christophe Boelinger, with Yasumi directing the world and story design. Following this, a Tactics-style strategy game designed by Matsuno, Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, will act as the follow-up, fleshing out the story introduced in the card game.

The world of Unsung Story is set in the fictional kingdom of Rasfalia, inspired by events that took place in Western Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire around the fifth century. The medieval fantasy world features traditional archetypes such as knights, wizards, archers, and magical creatures entangled in a bloody war between numerous fiefdoms fueled by religious conflict.

The Unsung Story card game is currently slated for release sometime in 2014, but there is currently no release date attached to Matsuno's tactics-based strategy game. The title will be released on as-yet unspecified mobile platforms.

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I wonder if any of these games ever inspires anyone to read the actual history of our people...

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Matsuno is wasting his time on this stupid stuff. A great, dark, gritty storyline isn't enough to save a shitty mobile game, if its even similar to his earlier works...

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Make another FF Tactics already... I enjoyed advance and advance 2 but never the psp Tactics I hated the perma death it had

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damn, i thought it will be a new FF Tactics game.. sigh

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Well, you lost my money. PS3 or PS4 would have been the correct response. I'm still waiting for FFT2. *sigh*

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"unspecified mobile platforms"

I'm hearing "phone game" but hoping "DS & PSV"... Either way a tactics type game wouldn't be hampered by touch screen only interface, so it could still be a good game even if it is only for phones... Though I tend to go for camera phones rather than gaming/app phones, so probably wouldn't be able to play it.

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Mobile game? No thanks.

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I would prefer another tactics style game personally.

I never play mobile games, and I especially never play card games.

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Another card game? Only a mobile game?

Not interested.

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Playdek? WTF?!

Don't misinterpret, I freaking love pretty much everything Playdek has put out. But it seems like they are working on every card/board game conversion to digital under the sun. Meanwhile some of their lower profile releases have been pushed out by months, with at least one canceled. If you're not going to work on it, stop tying up licenses for amazing games and let someone else have it!

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Wait theres more then two FFT games? I shouldn't be too surprised I only brought a gameboy advance when the psp came out I jumped on that instead of the ds and also the vita instead of the 3ds so I'm not really up to date on the nintendo scene.

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>Final Fantasy Tactics creator announces new project

Interest obtained

>Mobile game

Interest lost

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@Thanatos2k > strategy game follow-up

Interest regained

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@Dieknochenblume @Thanatos2k Wake me when that's being released, not a shitty mobile game.

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ANOTHER CARD game?!! Moving on. 8-\

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Had me until I heard "mobile devices". What a shame.

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I like to imagine he's doing this to gear up for a next-gen FFT sequel..........everything's better in my head.

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Than I saw "mobile devices" and went " MEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH".

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I know square is only looking for something simple that they can cash in on by all the casual gamers out there but come on this guy is amazing talented give him a decent budget with a good team this mobile thing is just a waste of his talents. If you want mobile find some basement coders and art school drops outs not this guy.

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@BlackBaldwin I don't understand why Square doesn't just make a Final Fantasy Tactics game on a console with HD graphics. Not a handheld. Not mobile. Not an MMO. Just a console RPG.

I mean that would be just printing money. But no, they seem utterly incapable of making normal RPGs anymore.

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@Thanatos2k @BlackBaldwin Most of the original FFT team doesn't work at Squeenix anymore. The same can be said of the main FF franchise. The original creator left 9 years ago. Hence SE's inability to create normal RPGs anymore. Not that they're all bad (somewhat debatable), but definitely way different.

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@chibi-acer @Thanatos2k @BlackBaldwin But hell, *I* could slap together a design for a game that's extremely similar to FFT. How are these professionals unable to do so, whether they worked on FFT or not? Or do they secretly hate RPGs?

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Good question friend that I would like an answer to myself. I think it has to do a lot with trying to push the FF name forward and doing different things. Even if their new ideas the last 7 years have been terrible..

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@BlackBaldwin Maybe next time you should actually read the article. Square has nothing to do with this project. It's being headed up by Playdek, the company that created the mobile versions of Ascension, Penny Arcade: the Game, and Fluxx.

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@BlackBaldwin Yes.

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This man's talent belongs on the big consoles. I wanted to weep when I found out Final Fantasy Tactics moved to portables. Final Fantasy Tactics as it "could have" been, the majesty and brilliance, what could have been the crown-jewel in Square's cap, is long dead.

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@Swaghard Meanwhile they still can't get the port of FFT to stop lagging on the Vita when you cast spells. :(

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You can say that bad things, or you can understand that what they want is to try new genres/machanics and platforms to Final Fantasy and support Square Enix in they try to get new fans and give you (FF fans) new experiences. So if you dont enjoy card based games,leave it be. This will be good to Final Fantasy fans who are crad based fans too. SO SUPPORT Sukueni give it some credits for this.

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Arrrrrrrghhh, why fucking mobile? Matsuno needs to take a page from Inafune, and just Kickstart this sucker for PC. Throw in console and handheld versions as stretch goals or something.

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@kohle36 Matsuno would CLEAN HOUSE on Kickstarter.

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FFS I just got SOO EXCITED for all of 3 seconds before reading "Card & Mobile"


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**** tease of an article.... I want another Vagrant Story or Tactics Ogre.... Oh well at least he is still working I guess.

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I got all excited... then I realized it was a shitty mobile game. Then I realized it was a card game.

What a waste of talent. His work on VS was legendary, and his influence actually helped a FF game to not be garbage.

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vagrant story, one of the first 40/40 by famitsu.

final fantasy tactics - best grid based jrpg of all time.

next game...

random cg for mobiles.

seriously, that's like ridley scott saying after blade runner, my next project should be a commercial for condoms, in like ten years.

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@ken_wakashimazu At least it wasn't "Prometheus"

Oh wait-

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Oh how I'd love a proper sequel to the original Final Fantasy Tactics. It could be a perfect fit for mobile/hand helds, or a full blown big budget console game.

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I take it the sequel that came out for Gameboy advance wasn't to your liking? I'd admit the game main design was a mess that brought the game difficulty to a completely different level but it was still pretty fun experience well to me anyways.

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@BlackBaldwin @ElDuderino1 The GBA FFT games are a disgrace.

Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis on the other hand was not.

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@BlackBaldwin @Thanatos2k FFTA and FFTA2. You didn't hear about the second one for a reason.

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Totally buying this if it comes out for Android.

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@placksheep Don't hold your breath. Playdek announced they would port some of their games to Android over a year ago, and so far they haven't released anything yet, or even talked about it since their original press release.

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sounds super kewl. I loved FF tactics.

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I could possibly get excited about the followup tactics game. Not super interested in the precursor card game though.

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Really? Mobile? Card game? Just lovely....

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Oh good, the guy who made two of my favorite games is making something I have no interest in.

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I was excited then I read it was a top down card game, no thanks!

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@ANUBISZER0 I was excited until I read it was moblie.