Final Fantasy Tactics assaults iPhone this week

Port of highly acclaimed strategy RPG to cost $15.99.


Fans of 1998's critically acclaimed role-playing game, Final Fantasy Tactics, will be able to relive job-changing, Ivalice cross-country traveling, and Lucavi demon-slaying shenanigans once again on the iPhone. According to the game's official Facebook page, the fan favorite strategy RPG will be out on August 4 on the iTunes store. This version of the game is based on the PSP port subtitled The War of the Lions.

Will this port thrive on the App Store or die in obscurity?
Will this port thrive on the App Store or die in obscurity?

The game will cost $15.99, which is slightly more than most iPhone and iPad apps offered on the online store. For comparison, the top 10 games on the App Store as of August 1 cost between $0.99 and $1.99. The game is also listed as not being a universal app; the iPad version will be out "this autumn."

This version of the game will also have an autosave function. If players were to get a phone call, the game will automatically save the last point they were at in the game. The US version will have the English character voices during cutscenes a la the PSP version. Unlike that version, however, the multiplayer mode is cut off from the iPhone version.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on the PSP was praised for its great and involving story; fantastic character customization system; and intense, challenging battles. For more information on this version, as well as the 1998 original and its eventual sequels on the GameBoy Advance and DS, check out GameSpot's coverage on the franchise.

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