Final Fantasy Tactics Advance official site update

Square reveals some new information on the upcoming Final Fantasy Tactics game for the GBA.


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Just in time for the Tokyo Game Show, today Square updated its previously barren official Web site for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance with new images and information, in Japanese. The site reveals several of the main characters from the upcoming game and makes mention of some of the new aspects of the gameplay.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will be an entirely new game, not a port of the 1997 PlayStation title. It will have an original story and setting, yet will retain a look and style reminiscent of the original game. The Web site shows pictures of several of the game's main characters--Marche Radiuju, Mewt Randel, and Ritz Malheur--who have the sorts of tongue-twisting names and childlike appearances of characters from the original Final Fantasy Tactics . The site also briefly discusses the return of the job system from Final Fantasy Tactics, which allows characters to change between different classes at any time. It also mentions the introduction of a new judgment system and the introduction of different character tribes and jobs.

We'll have more information on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance from the Tokyo Game Show. To see the game's official site, go to

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