Final Fantasy remakes sold separately

Remakes of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX for the PS2 will be sold separately.

Square has announced that it will release the remakes of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX for the PlayStation 2 in individual packages. Each will be in DVD-ROM format, with graphical and audio enhancements. Additionally, special features will be included in the remake discs. No release information has been disclosed on the three Final Fantasy remakes at this time.

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Ah, how nice this would've been!

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you guys got your wish xD

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Is there at least any pics or vids leaked of gameplay or character models from these sadly canceled games? I NEED IT!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> wouldn't that have been awesome?

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They already broke this promise.....

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I want this final fantasy games on my ps3... or put all them in PlayStation Network to download in my PSP, PLEASE... ohhh, man...

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i got all excited till i saw the date :(

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This is painful to read..still to this day...I cant take it anymore! IMAGINE THE PROFIT YOU WILL MAKE SQUARE ENIX! MAKE THE REMAKES ALL 3 OF THEM! ON THE PS3!

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they need to remake them on PS3 and now!!!

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I am still waiting for the Final Fantasys to be re-released but it looks like i have no hope with the PS3 out now.

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hmmmm ya know........ this was before square soft combined and became square enix.. thats why the change of battle system in 12 and what nots. to be honest i dont like square enix production lines and products but i'm hoping final fantasy versus 13 would at least change my mind. square soft made lots of good games .. except for the screw up from spirits within.......which put them close to being broke and forced a merger before final fantasy turns into final fantasy. well the reason final fantasy was created was to boost their cash flow so the company can continue.... but the irony is the first final fantasy movie ruined the success brought by the first final fantasy. gah.. you people should at least know why these plans were cancelled

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I hope they never put them on xbox live...

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Lol this was 2001 and now we are in 2009. I think they should just put final fantasy 7,8,9 and 10 on xbox live marketplace

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ha i just saw the date this was written. funny freakin stuff

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and your obviously not qualified.

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NejiHyuuga360 Posted Jun 9, 2008 3:47 pm GMT I really hope they go threw with this. I would really love to see how Final Fantasy IX would look like with Playstation 2 visuals. Screw Microsoft, Square owns them any say of the week. Wow you must be stupid. :o Don't say things your not qualified to say.

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Personally i hope they take a long time making either of these games rather than it coming out tommorrow!Its better this way in regards that potentially it could ruin all expectations and shatter alot of fond memories if they dont meet the needs of they're fans! The full Orchestral scores alone will take a hell of a long time not to mention the "graphical overhauls" that go hand in hand with their development.

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If they ever remake these titles that would be cool. They remade the other ones on handhelds.

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lol this made me laugh so hard square actually keeping their promise hah!

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I read this today, got a good laugh.

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7 years and no remakes at all makes ingusjinx a sad panda.

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I really hope they go threw with this. I would really love to see how Final Fantasy IX would look like with Playstation 2 visuals. Screw Microsoft, Square owns them any say of the week.

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Why the hell was this never released? I would of preferred a high quality remake to some of the spinoffs. Heres hope it happens, someday.

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Why release it for PS3 only? What about the owners of the xbox 360 owners? Like come on Square, get with the program and get with Microsoft........ cause everyone loves xbox more. Come on.. think about it...... Halo, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, all for the one system! XBOX WILL DOMINATE AND BECOME THE WORLDS LEADER!

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ff7 has already many spin offs(movie as well) and most of the FFs already has it's remake, even ffx and ff 12 has there own spin offs...... BUT WHY IS SQUARE NOT GIVING US ANY REMAKE OR SPIN OFF FROM FF9 AND FF8!!!

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But the info is from '2001' do a remake spend all that time?

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Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX were all great games, i wish they would remake them for the psp.

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so im confused is this actually going to happen or not? IX is still that best game in my opinion

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hehehe almost 6 years later and people are still anxious (myself included, 9 is the best)

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what can i say,its something i will not miss for sure,i like all ff games equal,its just more of the same, the formula is briliant so final fantasy destiny is sucess..

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ff 7 has been confirmed 4 ps3 but 9 may be on the ds aswell as the ps3 ff9 is my favourite.closely followed by 7.others dont compare

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I am looking forward to it!!!!! And i hope they release these games A.S.A.P. because i can't wait any longer.

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I am so glad they did not do this. The merge with Enix was purely financial and this would be an absolute goldmine so they will re-make VII eventually and although we all wanted it for the PS2 just think how much better it will be on the PS3. They only get one shot at this and need to do it right. Sony would be forever in debt to Square if this happens as it will pretty much assure a PS3 in every house in Japan and a lot more across the rest of the world.

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To bad it never happened....

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ff9 owned, praying they ever decide to actually do this.. but on the next gen systems

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i dont no what to think of this i hope this happens simply because i have a ps2 and love the series but on the other-hand the graphics on the ps3 would be incredible but i dont have a ps3 but there definitely making a remake of vii

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lolol -.- how many years ago was this posted? i truley hope it happens. not such a great fan of 8.. but still. a graphical overhaul would make me cream my panties

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Safe to say this isnt happening then...

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yo! can't wait!

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man i really hope it hapens!!!!

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Id give both my legs and my left arm for a Final Fantasy IX remake. It will happen ... eventually.

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hell yeah. final fantasy IX kicked ass.

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umm when is this supposed to happen again? lol

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hehehehehehehe, maybe we'll see one or all of them on PS3