Final Fantasy Origins release date announced

Square Electronic Arts announces that its remakes of the first two Final Fantasy role-playing games for the PlayStation will ship in April.


Square Electronic Arts has today announced that Final Fantasy Origins will begin shipping to North American retailers on April 8. The collection consists of remakes of both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, which have benefited from the addition of new cinematic movies and event scenes, improved graphics, new opening theme songs, and new gameplay modes designed to make the games accessible to beginners and RPG veterans alike.

"Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II established Square as a pioneering force in the role-playing game genre," said Jun Iwasaki, president of Square Electronic Arts. "We are pleased to bring gamers an exciting update of these landmark titles in Final Fantasy Origins. We believe this anthology will bring back great memories for fans of the original titles as well as appeal to today's fans. This package which contains two titles in one disc will also be priced at $30--players will not want to miss out on this great value."

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$9.99 on Walmart

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