Final Fantasy IV's Music Gets Extra Soothing In New Classical Guitar Album

Scarlet Moon Records announces a new "Guitar Collections" album to celebrate the game's 27th anniversary.


Final Fantasy's music is some of the most iconic in all of gaming. We've heard remixes of all kinds, and now comes another one but in a different vein. A new album remixes the Final Fantasy IV theme music and other tracks from the 1991 title in the fashion of classic guitar.

Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV is a new album from Scarlet Moon Records featuring guitarists William Carlos Reyes of the band The OneUps. The record is launching on July 20, and you can pre-order now on Bandcamp and iTunes and get three tracks right away.

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As you'd expect, the album is based on the music that Nobuo Uematsu wrote for the game. Scarlet Moon is releasing the album this week to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the game's release back in 1991 for the SNES.

"The arrangements capture all the magic of Nobuo Uematsu's original compositions while adding new emotional depth that I think every fan will appreciate," producer Jayson Napolitano said in a statement.

In addition to classics like "Theme of Love" and "Within the Giant," Reyes wrote his original song for the album called "The Crystals." If you buy the album on iTunes or Bandcamp you'll get a lovely looking 14-page digital book that comes with a lot of cool stuff such as recording notes, interview selections, photos, and liner notes. Alternatively, you can stream it on Spotify starting July 20.

Speaking about his original song for the album, "Crystals," Reyes said, "For my own composition I attempted to do several things at once. The song actually came from my feelings I had about the entire project. I didn't exactly know how to transcribe how I felt, so I wrote this to try and capture the feelings instead. My style and influence are very much in the vein of Spanish and romanic music with a hunt of melancholy."

Here is the full track listing for "Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV":

  1. Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV
  2. Theme of Love
  3. Welcome to Our Town!
  4. Fight 2
  5. Rydia
  6. Melody of Lute
  7. Golbeza Clad in the Dark
  8. Troian Beauty
  9. Illusionary World
  10. Another Moon
  11. Within the Giant
  12. The Crystals (Original)

For more on the new album, check out the announcement trailer embedded above. The production coming behind this album, Scarlet Moon, also put out a cool album that made lullabies out of music from Final Fantasy XV, Dark Souls, and others.

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