Final Fantasy I, II confirmed for US PSPs

Legendary Square Enix RPGs remade for Sony's handheld headed across the Pacific in June, July.


The Final Fantasy franchise will be two decades old this year, and to celebrate the occasion, publisher Square Enix earlier this year revealed that it is remastering Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II for the PlayStation Portable. While this seemed like a momentous time for longtime FF fans all over the globe, the games were announced only for Japan.

Thankfully for FF fans in the Western Hemisphere, Square decided to open up the party a little and today announced that the two games will be coming to the US this summer. The new PSP version of Final Fantasy will ship to stores on June 26, and its sequel will follow the next month on July 24. Both games will retail for $29.99.

The anniversary editions will feature new character art, enhanced graphics, new dungeons, an "updated camera view," and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Final Fantasy for the PSP is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older, and Final Fantasy II is rated T for Teen.

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im willing to get the first one to try it out, then see if the second one would be worth it

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blah this is stupid

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man squre is jut milking off this stuff.. they should stop remaking these games.. dangit.. they did FF 1 3 times already... holy.. make FF 7 if ya gonna do a remake..

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The marketing sucks - offering each game separately for 25€ each makes it look like Square Enix are ripping customers off - but Final Fantasy Origins and Dawn of Souls were each 50-60€ anyway, and for many people who aren't really retro gamers Final Fantasy I was an acquired taste. As such some gamers may only be able to really get into FF2 with its more in-depth storyline that has become a staple of Final Fantasy games. Yes, they're ports of Origins + Dawn of Souls, but heck, there's been loads of ports on the PSP - they've still been good. I'm hoping that Square Enix will continue to port the series to the PSP right up until FF6, and maybe even a remaster of part 7 if it will fit on a UMD (the PSP doesn't allow for disc swapping). Oh, and does anyone know if and when these are coming out in Europe?

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Tch, update. I bet they just took all the stuff from Final Fantasy Origins on the PS1 and cleaned it up a bit. How many times are they going to re-re-re-re-re-re-release this? Why don't they try remaking their other final fantasies? Or better yet, how about new games altogether? Let's stop here and make this the final Final Fantasy 1 and 2.

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FF VII remake please?

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I think they're overcharging. The graphics can't have been improved THAT much that they had to put that much labor into it.

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I wish Square Enix would pour all of their efforts into releasing Crisis Core : FF VII rather than re-releasing FF I & II every year just so it's available on every platform. Seems like a colossal waste of time. Will Crisis Core EVER get to the stores"?

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Ummmmmmmmm ... didn't they already remake FFI and FFII for the PSone four years ago? I believe it was called "Final Fantasy Origins." I completed that game two years ago. Then a port of that game came out on the GBA called "Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls." And now ... another remake of FF I & II not so long after two remakes have been made of the same two games. W ...... T ....... F???????

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If this game, like the ff3 port to the ds, is being revamped in 3d, I don't mind getting them seperatedly. But just a remake of 2d versions isn't worth my money.

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If they made a remake of FF VII, everybody (nearly everybody, FF VII haters) we would ALL die happily with a PSP in hand..... Luckily, Crisis Core is soon to come (maybe that means in a year or so, FF VII will be remade for a PSP/ PS3).

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I really think you guys are blowing the price out of proportion. $30 isn't that bad, regardless of whether this is a remake or not. It'd be one thing if Square just slapped the original NES version on a UMD and called it a day. They didn't do that. They actually took the time to completely rework the graphics for the PSP, in addition to including all the extras from the previous releases plus PSP exclusive extras. That sounds like it's well worth $30 to me, maybe not if you've already played the game numerous times, but then, I don't fall into that category. I didn't really get into RPGs (save Zelda and Dragon Warrior) until Genesis, so I've never had a chance to play FF1/2.

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WHy not just make them on one disk like they did for GBA? Oh,ya. they just wanna milk as much money as they can from us, you sons of....

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I'm a big Final Fantasy fan...but even I have to ask why. Of all the games to work on a remake for...I mean, I love FF1 because it actually had great replay value, probably more so than later installments in the series, but whatever happened to going forward? I've done it on NES and I've done it on GBA. I don't need to do it anymore. Square could be making a nice spin-off series like Tactics or Crystal Chronicles especially for the PSP, or heck, try remaking FF7 or FF8...I'd buy those. But another version of 1 and 2? What for?

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I just got BOTH of them for like $10 in ONE cart for my GBA! Crappy graphics and all! Who cares about the new and improved stuff. We ALL had NES's at one point in our lives. Save your money. $30 each...... I can see all the other FF"s coming now...... Maybe they will get creative and start uping the prices as the numbers go up too. Expect to see FF III and IV for $34.99/each. FF V and VI for $39.99 and the big cahunas like maybe FFVII for around $45 or even $49.99... thank you sirs, may I have another? -Chicken "Immortality is something I would die for..."

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>I know that emulators exist. I want to play them legally and glitch free. first.. define: "Legal", i own the disc, i consider it legal if I want to play it whereever I want to. That to me is 'legal' and it's glitch-free.

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WHOA ... PSP to buy yet? hmmmm

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I'm waiting for crisis core!!! I'm sick n tired of playing old ff's! Mmm...whatever... it's good to see new old games for psp

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what about EUROPE!!!!!! one of the biggest populated areas in the world!!!! blah blah blah, when were treted with respect then maby i will smile!! ptf we pay more of everything and wait longer for everything!! BLAH!!

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seriously... more FF remakes?! not interested.

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finally the psp gets some square love. i cant wait for them.

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Wait what? they want $30 for EACH game? BS, I would pay $30 for both games but not for 1. Even remastered FF isn't worth $30 per-game

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Nice, how many times can Square cash in on Final Fantasy remakes? I mean there was the old PS1 games, and the DS remakes. All 6 final fantasys have been remade about 2-300times EACH, and we still buy them. Pass.... wait... look at those graphics.. (eyes glaze over)

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ive got a psp now to get some money :P

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Awesome news .... good reason to buy a PSP now .... all I want to see is a few more RPG's on the platform ... NWN anyone

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One day you will be able to get any Final Fantasy on any just wait and see!!

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FF 1-6 on one disc, I mean really, how hard can it be !?

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a few games in the next 12 months that are MUST HAVE for almost all PSP owners. 1... Final Fantasy Crisis Core 2... Devil May Cry 3... God of War 4... Silent Hill: Origins 5...Final Fantasy Tactics

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PSP is steadily gaining a good momentum of decent games. Sure they are remastered works. But comparefd back then when the only games playable were Lumines and Burnout, I'd take remastered games. Thats all I would really want for the PSP is GAMES TO PLAY.

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Great move Square-Enix! Porting over (for the second time on a handheld) two crappy NES games will definitely persuade people (like me) not to hack their PSPs to play classic PS 1 games like FF VIII or IX. Why this is as pointless as Sony re-selling my PS 1 games on their PS 3 store!

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they should just release final fantasy 1 - 9 on the psp on 1 disc. since mario had a collection as well.

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WHY NOT FFIII????? or is it FFVI? the one with Kefka!!!!!

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>I'll happily buy a PS3 the day Silent Hill, FFVII, Resident Evil 2, Tomb Raider (1) come out I would hate for you to have to eat those worlds, because any PSP owners would tell you that they've been playing those games for AGES on their PSP. the lesson here? don't say stuff you can't back it up. well, my PSP is calling me, I still need to finish my FFVIII.

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I'd much rather have the PSOne ports downloadable from PS3 online store than buy these as UMDs. Whatever happened to the "thousands" of PSOne games for download that they claimed they would have? I'll happily buy a PS3 the day Silent Hill, FFVII, Resident Evil 2, Tomb Raider (1) come out.

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woah sweet, $30 each for Final Fantasy sweetness on PSP. Definitely getting these this summer.

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wait, it's 2 UMD? separately? huh?

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Retailing for $30? Realising just two months from now? Guess what... there WON'T be a "FFIII treatment" whatsoever... Think more of a "Dawn of Souls Remix", which is stupid. S-E, where is Crisis Core anyway?

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ugh PSP sux- mine in a paperweight FF is NOT enough to bring mine back to life i want a DS though

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remakes of remakes? huh! game industry is at the peak of creativity! hurray!

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FF in widescreen...sweet. Still, I wish they would release both games in the same package. Releases in consecutive months makes me feel like I'm being milked.

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Great!!! PSP Rocks!!

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not interested in FF RPG

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This is stupid, its Dawn of souls, which is allready out on the GBA. this is a money spinner, i love Final fantasy, but since square enix its gone down hill! BRING BACK SQUARESOFT!