Final Fantasy getting a rhythm game

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for 3DS to require screen taps in sync with music pulled from long-running RPG series.


Apart from being a big role-playing game franchise, the Final Fantasy series has been known for its music, compositions, and live orchestra tribute performances like the Dear Friends and Distant Worlds concerts. In that context, it seems fitting that Square Enix is creating a rhythm game based on the Final Fantasy series' music is in the works for the Nintendo 3DS, according to a recent issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump (translated by Siliconera).

Final Fantasy has long been known for its music.
Final Fantasy has long been known for its music.

The game will be called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and is labeled as a "theater rhythm action" title. Players will have to tap the 3DS touch screen in accordance to the beat of a selected song while the top screen displays field scenes and side-view battle scenes set in Final Fantasy locales. The game's art style will be colorful and reminiscent of the style used in Square Enix's mobile Kingdom Hearts titles.

A release date for the title has yet to be announced. For more on the music of Final Fantasy, check out GameSpot's recent Sound Byte article.

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Yep, Squeenix is dead.

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I think buying the FF soundtracks would be a better investment.

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I love FF's soundtrack, and rhythm games are pretty fun for a while. People don't have very high hopes for this game but I do. Think about it, FF's beautiful graphics in 3D, The battle's playing out to the beat, beautiful music, It's not gonna be as good as most ff games, but I still think it's gonna be AWESOME!

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What would be awesome is turning all final fantasy music to guitar hero game. imagine the possibilities.

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lol square you amuse me everyday! l love the ff soundtracks, but i'm a little skeptical about square branching this far... lets see where you can go with this enix!

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-_- really square? im sad now

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The Final Fantasy Sims: Rhythm Edition

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Whats next? An FF dating sim game!?

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This sounds like a great time killer but that i believe is all the game will be i wonder what your speical attack will be a power score in syphoney mode hahaha or a power cord on hard rocker it sounds nothing like a game its just elite beat agents all over again but branded FINAL FANTASY seriously. Final Fantasy started failing after the release of X-2 that game was horrible, did no favours with XII either ruining the ATB and so it begun..

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I love Final Fantasy music but this just doesn't seem right for the series...

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@Lucky_Krystal : I totally agree with what you said about FFX's story being better. FFXII's story was overshadowed by all the extra content and exploring. I'd go so far as to say that it had the weakest story of the whole series.

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At first, I thought this was a horrible idea like most of you guys. But then I remembered how much I love FF music, and if the gameplay of this game focuses on the music it could actually be interesting. I don't exactly have high hopes though. I'd really just prefer more Black Mages.

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Yuji Horii should run this company... no offence to Yoichi. Well, at least Japan can get a rock band-like experience

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I'm a huge FF fan but a rhythm game......WTF!!! Is that really the best they could come up with, this is an all new low for the FF franchise

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i don't know what i think about this... other than wondering if Nobuo Uematsa knows anything about "The Black Mages"

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@HonorOfGod FFXII was great.

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RIP final Fantasy. Such good times you you gave us with FF9 and down.

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Final Fantasy franchise has been dead for a looong time now. SquarEnix has destroyed the FF universe with their money milking.

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This actually makes sense... A final fantasy rhythm game for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo can get away with wacky ideas such as this. The Final Fantasy series has great music, Plus the 3D effects on Nintendo's new handheld. Nintendo fans are into strange stuff. This will actually work out well for Nintendo and Square Enix. I think it is a shameless money grab. But Nintendo and Square Enix kinda need the cash at this point.

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WTF?a elite beat agents game but with FF characters? whaaaaat?

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If this is just A DDR: Final Fantasy than shame on the Squeenix for always screwing Nintendo (post SNES) with the garbage end of FF. If it winds up being more battle and story heavy I will be shocked and remotely intrigued.

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lol god bless money! if it wasnt money we would never get japanes games like final fantasy! im glad japanes like money at least because they dont like anything else except them selfs lol

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Jupiter the guys who worked with Square Enix to make The World Ends with You are working with Square Enix again. To Sony Users. You got Dissidia...

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reminds me of pokemon which teaches you type while this game teaches you about music if u know what i mean

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@gokimanga Final Fantasy started on NES.

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WTF?! PSP user will be so pissed!! FF has always been a Sony Playstaion game.

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The 3DS? Seriously? Would've prefered this on the PSP or even the Vita when it gets released.

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@Double_Wide I'm going to get endless thumbs down for this, but I somewhat agree with you. I wouldn't say 12's gameplay "crapped on" 10's because 10 had great gameplay and great extras. But personally I enjoyed 12's gameplay and extras much more, so I also don't agree when people say 10 was the last good game (though I think 10 had a more enjoyable story). And really why is everyone making such a big deal out of this? Squareenix has tried to branch out before making fps, puzzle, and racing games. They want to appeal to other markets other than the rpg market just for the money. If you don't like this idea don't buy it! I'm not buying this! Simple...

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Final Fantasy is it's own punch line now... way to go Squeenix

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High Dissidia Musical

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I love how people outside Japan bashing/insult japanese game and at the end, we dont get anything .

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If this is for 3DS, why did it show up on the PSP feed?

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@ Jaurai You forgot Ms. Final-Fantasy-man, Final Squadron: Rogue Fantasy, and my favorite, the Final Fantasier.

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Off topic: I'm going to have to disagree with all of those saying FFX was the last good FF! The gameplay in FFXII crapped on FFX overall. FFX wasn't a bad game but it wasn't all that great either...

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I've always thought that Final Fantasy would benefit from a rhythm game. Just as Solid Snake would benefit from knitting lessons.

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@Jaurai Final Fantasy free roam sounds good to me. Although, they are usually (not always, like XIII) free roam, so gimme Final Fantasy sandbox, with civillian massacres and hookers and we can talk.

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Since this isn't even a main game, nor is it a spin off of a particular main game I'm just gonna ignore it and not make a big deal out of it. MOVING ON!!!

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but it did say..TBA(JP)......japan exclusive???

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And then a Final Fantasy FPS, Final Fantasy VS Capcom VS Marvel 4, Final Fantasy rock band, Final Fantasy free roam, Final Fantasy-mon Red and Blue Ver. Final Fantasy detective noir, Final Fantasy Turismo, Final Fantasy Madden/Sports Resort 2012, Gears of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy of War 3, Assassins Final Fantasy Sisterhood, Final Fantasy Fit, Super Final Fantasy Brothers Galaxy 3.. What else am I forgetting?

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NEXT big story: Afther SE releasing the FF rhythm game , Activision decided to release it's own rhytm game named COD rhythm game aka call of duty beating crap ......don't say you didn't think about it ACTIVISION don't say that............Square did lost it :)

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a hentai final fantasy game would sell more...Alas, O how the mighty have fallen

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I don´t know why I even bother reading about this cra*p ... guess that deep within me I still have some hope that square recovers itself from the long time decadence they´ve been making us suffer since they become -enix and started to live from the old greatest hits-sequels as FF VII or X... i mean... at least just make a remake of the same VII, VIII or X with today´s graphics... they should be truly ashamed of what have they done with the FF brand.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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What the hell

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I don't feel like Square Enix even takes itself seriously anymore. What a joke.

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The only music worth remembering from FF could not be put through a rhythm game, I'm sorry. It'd be like playing Beethoven's 9th on a kazoo.

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I've lost all respect for Square Enix now. How about putting your funds to good use and making some actual towns and a non-linear Final Fantasy? What we want is the ability to explore and do side-quests...NOT another Final Fantasy spinoff. Feel free to downrate me if you all disagree with my opinion, but I'd rather they used to cash from this piece of crap and put it into improving the next Final Fantasy.

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for all of you who thinks this is a good idea i got 3 words for you, interactive real emotion... still think its a good idea?

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This better not be "the" FF announced for the 3DS at E3 2010