Final Fantasy getting a rhythm game

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for 3DS to require screen taps in sync with music pulled from long-running RPG series.


Apart from being a big role-playing game franchise, the Final Fantasy series has been known for its music, compositions, and live orchestra tribute performances like the Dear Friends and Distant Worlds concerts. In that context, it seems fitting that Square Enix is creating a rhythm game based on the Final Fantasy series' music is in the works for the Nintendo 3DS, according to a recent issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump (translated by Siliconera).

Final Fantasy has long been known for its music.
Final Fantasy has long been known for its music.

The game will be called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and is labeled as a "theater rhythm action" title. Players will have to tap the 3DS touch screen in accordance to the beat of a selected song while the top screen displays field scenes and side-view battle scenes set in Final Fantasy locales. The game's art style will be colorful and reminiscent of the style used in Square Enix's mobile Kingdom Hearts titles.

A release date for the title has yet to be announced. For more on the music of Final Fantasy, check out GameSpot's recent Sound Byte article.

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