Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Adding Final Fantasy XIV Villain Zenos On PS4 And PC

The fighting game is introducing a new character very soon on PS4, PC, and arcade.


The next character for Final Fantasy fighting game Final Fantasy Dissidia NT has been announced. Revealed at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Tokyo today, the character Zenos from Final Fantasy XIV is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC fighting game starting later this month.

Zenos will be available first for Final Fantasy Dissidia in Japanese arcades starting March 26, while the character is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Steam editions on April 11. People attending the Fan Fest this weekend in Tokyo can have a first crack at playing Zenos.

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Zenos is the main antagonist from Final Fantasy XIV: Online's expansion, Stormblood.

More to come...

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I didn't know Dissidia NT was on PC lol

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I know a lot of people here are like "who" and are mad but this character is literally a one dimensional villain with nothing going for it...he is just insane. Sad, expected a better villain from SE/ I am actually glad we got him in the game but he is pretty lame

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Im sorry who??

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Great, another character nobody wants.

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@Tidus1012: More like one nobody barely knows. I'm guessing they are gonna release a complete edition with all the updates and DLC characters sometime soon. So sick of this shit companies keep pulling