Final Fantasy Digital Collection out now in Asia

Set with download codes for Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy IX to cost S$209($153); 2,000 units available.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong and Square Enix have announced that its earliest Final Fantasy games are now available in a digital collection exclusive to Asia.

The set contains nine codes for each entry of the game from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy IX; all of them are playable on the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita. Each of these codes will be on a card featuring artwork from Yoshitaka Amano and written prologues in Chinese and English.

The jacket artwork for the
The jacket artwork for the "Masterpieces" soundtrack CD.

The collection also has a "Masterpieces" soundtrack CD featuring highlighted tracks from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy IX, as well as an exclusive pamphlet from the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary exhibition that took place last September.

Fans will have to shell out S$209($153). There will only be 2000 of these collections on sale within the Asia region. In related news, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Square Enix also announced a 25th anniversary collection that went on sale last December.

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Avatar image for The_Gump

So they're digital... but only 2,000 available.

Piss off.

Avatar image for shadowysea07

why would anyone buy this when the majority of those titles are already downloadable online separately for far cheaper?

Avatar image for Paul2004

thats alot of cash for some codes....., if they are gonna make a collection then they should have it on disk. Alot easier to sell when you have a physical copy with some nice extra's. Ill pass on this

Avatar image for AuronAXE

If it sells it sells. If you hate it, just don't buy it. Money speaks louder then anything for corporations.

Avatar image for rey2

I still mostly have physical copies of these and they still work. Pass.

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aww crap.

Avatar image for twe1ve_5tones

wow way to squeeze out more money off the market! Gotta love all these tactics companies are pulling.

Avatar image for Fembot_Eulogy

And if you buy this, say goodbye to humanity. See you in ten years.