Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Demo Sounds Quite Generous, Especially If A Friend Owns The Game

A new trailer for the Crystal Chronicles remake explains how a demo will let you play a smattering of dungeons for free, or even the full game with a paid player host.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered is coming in August, and when it releases you won't necessarily need a copy of the game to start dungeon-crawling with your friends. Square Enix has announced that a free demo for the game that will give you access to a handful of dungeons, as well as let you play with those who have purchased the full game.

The demo will be called Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered "Lite." As explained by a new trailer, Lite players will be able to play three dungeons, and since the game is based on co-op, you can team up with up to three other Lite players. If a player with the full game hosts by inviting others to their caravan, Lite players can join in all 13 dungeons for free.

Both the full game and the Lite demo will have cross-platform play across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices. Plus any progress you make in the Lite version will carry over to the full game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is coming on August 27, 2020.

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