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Final Fantasy Creator's Latest Game Appears To Be Headed To PC

A current Apple Arcade exclusive is apparently on its way to Steam.


A critically acclaimed turn-based RPG which was previously exclusive to Apple Arcade may now be on its way to PC, if a recent listing on online archive SteamDB is any indication.

Fantasian--which was developed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi's studio Mistwalker--has appeared in the backend of Steam, according to SteamDB. The listing is named "Fantasian Playtest" and saw its first assets uploaded on July 19.

The news follows an interview with Sakaguchi in February, where he expressed interest in bringing Fantasian to other platforms. "There are many requests for a PC release, and there are also requests for a sequel, so I would like to continue working as hard as possible," Sakaguchi said in the interview.

Fantasian follows the story of Leo, who finds himself in an alternate dimension with no idea how he got there. The game is notable for its use of real-world dioramas to create in-game locations, which were scanned into the game thanks to drones with 3D scanning technology. Sakaguchi is not the only Final Fantasy veteran on the project, as the game's score was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

The game originally launched on the Apple Arcade service in two parts; Part 1 launched in April 2021, and Part 2 followed in August. The first part required 18-20 hours to complete, while the second part added another 40-60 hours to the game.

Fantasian is still available to download on iOS exclusively to Apple Arcade subscribers.

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