Final Fantasy concert DVD coming to Japan

Video of "Voices: Music from Final Fantasy" event will go on sale across the Pacific on June 21.


On February 18, Square Enix held a concert devoted exclusively to the music of Final Fantasy in Yokohama, Japan. Titled "Voices: Music from Final Fantasy," the show was limited to one night only, and tickets sold out within 15 minutes of going on sale.

Fortunately for those who couldn't attend, a DVD of the concert will hit Japanese retailers on June 21. The widescreen Dolby 5.1 DVD will be titled Voices: Music from Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Premium Orchestra Concert and run 4,800 yen (about US $43) for a limited two-disc edition, and 3,800 ($34) for a one-disc version.

In addition to the orchestra, conducted by Arnie Ross, the DVD features Emiko Shiratori performing "Melodies of Life" (Final Fantasy IX), the band RIKKI singing "Suteki da ne" (FFX), Izumi Masuda on "Distant Worlds" (FFXI), and Angela Aki singing "Kiss Me Good-Bye" from FFXII. Purchasers of the limited edition will be treated to documentary footage and extended interviews with Ross and Nobuo Uematsu, composer of the Final Fantasy soundtracks.

A complete song list is as follows:
1. Prelude
2. Liberi Fatali (FFVIII)
3. Fisherman's Horizon (FFVIII)
4. Inori no Uta (FFX)
5. Suteki da ne (FFX)
6. Final Fantasy Doo-wop Medley
7. Melodies of Life (FFIX)
8. Final Fantasy
9. Primavista Gakudan (FFIX)
10. Yakusoku no Chi (FFVII: Advent Children)
11. Distant Worlds (FFXI)
12. Eyes on Me (FFVIII)
13. Kiss Me Good-Bye (FFXII)
14. Opera "Maria and Draco" (FFVI)
Encores: Brass de Chokobo (FFX), Sairin: Katayoku no Tenshi (FFVII:AC)

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I've got the CD, and it's decent, but I'd like to see the DVD... wouldn't buy it though... especially having not seen it first.

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One Winged Angel is awesome I listen to it almost everday. And all of Nobuo Umatsus Music is great. I just hope that they consider releasing it in the US though which right now doesnt seem like it...hopefully theyll consider it

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SWEAT!!!!...i was waiting for something like this since 20020220... To make things clear...."ONE WINGED ANGEL IS INCLUDED" and the black mages version (FFVIIAC version) i might add....this is going to be AWESOME.... Im only worried if the Opera "Maria & Draco" is still in English because im afraid om not going to enjoy the opera in JP...(but for the rest...i dont care because i like both JP and english versions of the songs) And for the one who said that Zelda music is better: "You wish"!!!!....Zelda music is also very good but not as good as the FF music what has both quantity as quality music... And for the ones who are complaining that a particualr music piece is not on it....ITS CALLED "VOICES". This concert is about the FF music with voices in it and i think they picked all the good ones :P

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Sounds cool

Avatar image for Millerboy101

WOW, i love all the ff music, my fave being the laguna battle tune from ffVIII, now THAT was awesome(especially when played by the black mages....ROCK ON!!)....umm im goin now...bye!

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lol, idiots this is a orchestra performance. do you really wanna see One-Winged Angel played with an orchestra?

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It has Liberi Fatali!!! That one only makes it a good selection for me :)

Avatar image for RogueAshaman

You think it will ever come to the U.S.?

Avatar image for AutisticSenior

no 1 winged angel? blah blah yeah i agree they shuld put it they shuld also do anime OST concerts like cowboy bebop n stuff

Avatar image for alamodragon

One Night Concert? Why not tour different regions??? With so many fans in the world of FF, I'm sure they wouldn't have a problem selling out shows. It's totally unfair that Japan gets everything first. That's It! I'm just gonna learn Japanese and Move to Hong Kong!!

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i wonder if ill get a change to get iy in Latin America........Peru tobe more exactly.......... well ill have to wait....... BUT I CANT WAIT TI HEAR MARIA AND DRACO "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and yes a lil bit more of FF VI of course- but the selection is really god.. but again we all miss One-Winged Angel

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I sure hope that we will be able to get a copy of it here stateside!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Man when this game comes out in october, I will be the first to buy't here in Puerto Rico.

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now dat is coool!!!

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Yeah...and the Europeans too. Don't worry. I got your back ;)

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what about us europeans we dont get anything :(

Avatar image for acummuta

Is this coming out in the US? Do we get a limited edition option as well. RESEARCH GAMESPOT...RESEARCH...

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FF doo-wop medley!? WTF

Avatar image for _sean_05

Suteki da Ne! sugoi!

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hopefully it comes stateside soon, i'll definitely pick it up!

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Greaaaaat musical score, Thnx Square!

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Cool, I can't wait to get it.

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Why was i not born in Japan

Avatar image for zixarga

YAY!!!! =D

Avatar image for kinetic-core

This version of One winged angel is the one from Advent Children. Performed live with a rock band [black mages, i suppose] and a live orchestra. Sounds great in the AC soundtrack, sounded messy live though.

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Hope it becomes available in the US. I REALLY ENJOYED 'Dear Friends' when I attended it last year!

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I saw it in stores already, man it's expensive....

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Avatar image for b1wfdz33

Sairin: Katayoku no Tenshi is one winged angel

Avatar image for Sun-Hun

That's nice. I'll get it too.

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i wish they would release it, or even better.... make their albums that are available on iTunes USA, available on iTunes Canada. Its weird that we stil cant buy them.

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Avatar image for NeoJedi

How about a US (& Canadian) release date please?

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that's what i need cmon send it already...

Avatar image for ArchAngel2284

sweet, i wanna get it

Avatar image for HoffmanSony

Definately needs VII music

Avatar image for Drachman

Time to start searching the net to import this.

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FF Music is awesome and lovely, simply the best

Avatar image for DJ_Steady

I love the FF music.. (I love FFVII the best)

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^.^ definitely getting this.

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Hrm. The FF7AC version was ruined. It's just not the same. I want my back.

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@rotten_bowel I knew it was One-Winged Angel! Hopefully there will be no complaining about the song not being there. I think I'm gonna have to import this when it comes out!

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The opera from FFVI! YESSSSS!!!!!

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I simply love Final Fantasy 8`s soundtrack...I consider it the best FF soundtrack so far :)

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Excellent, Melodies of Life has to be my favorite and most emotional song piece for any videogame ever. It's only topped by the whole ending sequence of music in FFX. But yeah, Melodies of Life is a fantastic song, though I've been listening to it now for about 6 years.

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Encores: Brass de Chokobo (FFX), Sairin: Katayoku no Tenshi (FFVII:AC) Sairin: Katayoku no Tenshi is One winged angel so stop whining ff7 fanboys

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If you really want some FF7 music, check the net. Original soundtracks aren't that hard to find. (yes, for FREE)

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Knew this before GS posted it. Although the music line-up is good, One-Winged Angel and You're Not Alone! would have been a great addition to it.

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Awesome. Final Fantasy music is great. Nobuo Uemtasu is an awesome composer.

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