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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Summons Rinoa From Final Fantasy 8

The leader of the Timber Owls turned sorceress is headed to the mobile adventure.


The latest Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius collaboration has been announced, and the featured unit hails from Final Fantasy 8.

Rinoa, the resistance leader turned sorceress, joins the FFBE roster along with her dog Angelo, who acted as her Limit Break in FF8. Players will have a chance to summon her as a playable unit, while also playing through special Final Fantasy 8-themed events for a limited time.

The full details of the collaboration are below:

  • Rinoa & Angelo Step-Up Summon

    • From April 28, 2022, players will have the chance to obtain Rinoa & Angelo (NV) as a featured unit from the Rinoa & Angelo Step-Up Summon.

  • A Girl and Her Dog Login Bonus

    • Players who login every day until May 11 can obtain:

      • Neo Vision Awakenable Five-Star Lone Lion Squall Unit

      • NV EX Ticket x2

      • Guaranteed Ticket x1

  • King Mog Event - Balamb Garden in Crisis

    • Until May 11, players who clear the King Mog Event will earn event currency to exchange for rewards, including the materials to awaken the five-star Lone Lion Squall unit.

  • Knights of Grandshelt Discounted Step-Up Summon

    • Until June 1, a discounted Step-Up Summon which includes one guaranteed NV unit will be available.

  • All’s Well that Rains Well Login Bonus

    • Until May 5, players who log in daily can obtain a NV EX Ticket, Guaranteed Ticket, 100 Lapis, and more.

  • Free Weekly 5 Summon

    • Players can summon a free five-star unit or NV units once a week until June 8.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is a mobile RPG designed as a spin-off from the main Final Fantasy series, with an original story that adapts characters from all across the franchise. The game is available now on iOS and Android.

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