Final Fantasy and More Discounted in PlayStation Square Enix Sale

A bunch of Final Fantasy games are on sale for PlayStation platforms.


Final Fantasy XV releases later this year, but you can get a bunch of older Final Fantasy games at a discount right now on PlayStation platforms. Square Enix is holding a sale on a bunch of Final Fantasy and non-Final Fantasy titles that you can take advantage of, as long as you own a PS4, PS3, or PlayStation Vita.

On the PS4, we have Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster for $25 and Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn for $10. You can also pick up some bundles for the aforementioned MMO, including the Collector's Edition for $20.

The discounted PS3 games include Final Fantasy XIII-2 for $7.50 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for $10. For non-Final Fantasy fans, there's Drakengard 3 for $10, Elevator Action Deluxe for $5, and Moon Diver for $5.

There's also a bunch of PSOne Classics on sale like Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, and Final Fantasy Tactics for $5 each. Parasite Eve and its sequel are also on sale for $3 apiece, while you can pick up Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross for $5 each.

You can check out the rest of the discounts on the PlayStation Store. We'll have a full list for all of this week's PlayStation sales later today.

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Here I was excited for a minute. I wish GameFaqs would stop pushing really old Gamespot news stories onto its front page.

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@Ateas: same, went to the page and oh look sale was back in june. Knowing Gamefaqs it will still be on the front page 3yr from now....

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No PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII? Disappointing : (

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I own Witcher 3. I won't need any new games until the year's end. ;)
Seriously, even though the 2nd game is buggy, it's also incredible. Can't stand the first game, though.
But man, the second game demands at least two playthroughs to get both sides of the story and hear more dialogue paths. And it's a ton of fun when you learn that potions are required to progress with ease. Love this series. So rich with lore.
Sorry, every time I think about my PS4 I just want to play Witcher 3. There's only room for Witcher 3 in my heart! Witcher 3 Witcher 3 W3W3W3!!!! ;)

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@srfilk86: The Witcher 3's controls are garbage

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@Foxhound71: There's two control styles. Try the alternate and he doesn't move like jelly.

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@srfilk86: what's your point?

Avatar image for srfilk86

@newagegamersare: Witcher 3!

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I'm still recovering from the last sale. The Best of E3 sale was by far the best they've had this generation.

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Three steps to a happy life:

Step 1: buy Chrono Trigger for $5

Step 2: play Chrono Trigger

Step 3: profit

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Why only US? -.-

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Or you just pick up epsxe and rip the isos off your old disks and play them on your computer or phone.

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No FF7 PS4 either and the link above is dead says the page is not available

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@Dav_id83: I found it through an ad on the right side of the screen (browsing the store on PC).

Still waiting on a good sale for the FF7 port from PC.

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@Dav_id83: The sales page usually doesn't properly update on PSN until Wednesday, so someone is jumping the gun here.

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Is this US only? I can't see the deal.

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@dexda: Must be. In the EU store it is an EA sale until 29/6/16.

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$5.00 for Tactics and Chrono Trigger/Cross? Hoping to see these sales on the EU store shortly.

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If they would only release Chrono Cross in Europe, I would buy everything.

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Those PS1 Classics are crossplay with Vita as well right? Might pick them up if so, too bad they don't work on PS4 or I'd probably buy one of each!

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@suicidesn0wman: It's gotta be easier to get an emulator working on the PS4 than the PS3. You'd think they'd want to get on that rather than forcing all these tiny studios to port and remaster their games.

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@Barighm: You would think so wouldn't you? I bet right now I could probably get epsxe running on the X1 through the developer mode and play PS1 games on my X1. lol

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@suicidesn0wman: Yes

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@suicidesn0wman: Most will do no problem. I have a lot of them on my Vita. Just check if its says Vita under the title like PS3/PSP/VITA. I've never bought one yet that hasn't had that option.

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@suicidesn0wman: My question as well. Also, I no longer have a PS3, so it'd have to be directly Vita compatible. None of that PS3 to Vita stuff.

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@artemis-v: I don't own a Vita, but I can confirm the PS1 classics work directly on PSP - unless I'm missing something about the Vita's compatibility structure you should be golden.

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@xantufrog: The Vita has some weirdness wherein some PSP and PS1 games can't be downloaded directly to the console. Some either don't show up in the shop, while some do but inexplicably don't allow you to be downloaded when purchased.

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@artemis-v: I did check the store to verify they work on Vita, but I did not go as far as confirming they work directly w/out a PS3 transfer/share play.