Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wins Best Of Show At E3 2019 Game Critics Awards

All the winners revealed.

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Now Playing: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wins Best Of E3 - GS News Update

The Game Critics Awards has announced the winners of its 2019 E3 awards. Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake took home the overall Game of Show award, while the PlayStation 4 game also won Best Console Game and Best Role-Playing Game. Coincidentally, Amazon has a terrific offer right now that lets you get FFVII Remake for $42, although that promotion could end soon.

The much-anticipated remake was the only title with three wins; Bethesda's Doom Eternal followed with two wins; one for Best PC Game and Best Action Game. Looking by publisher, Square Enix led the way with three overall wins, with Bethesda and Activision following with two each. By platform, PlayStation 4 led the way with 12 wins, while Xbox One and PC had 10 each, and Google Stadia with 4.

The Outer Worlds won Best Original Game, while the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller took home the away for Best Hardware/Peripheral. John Wick Hex won for Best Strategy Game, while Cyberpunk 2077 picked up a special commendation for best graphics.

Watch Dogs Legion won Best Action/Adventure Game, while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won for Best Online Multiplayer. Destiny 2, meanwhile, won the award for Best Ongoing Game.

The winners were decided by a vote from a judges panel that include games media outlets from around the world, including GameSpot. To be considered, a game must be shown in a playable state at E3 2019 for a minimum of five minutes.

Go to the Game Critics Awards website to see a full list of categories and nominees, while the complete list of winners can be seen below.

2019 Game Critics Awards winners

Best of Show

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Best Original Game

The Outer Worlds

Best Console Game

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Best VR/AR Game

Phantom: Covert Ops

Best PC Game

Doom Eternal

Best Hardware/Peripheral

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Best Action Game

Doom Eternal

Best Action/Adventure

Watch Dogs: Legion

Best RPG

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Best Racing Game

Crash Team Racing

Best Sports Game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

Best Strategy Game

John Wick Hex

Best Family/Social Game

Luigi's Mansion 3

Best Online Multiplayer

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Best Independent Game

12 Minutes

Best Ongoing Game

Destiny 2

Special Commendations for Graphics

Cyberpunk 2077

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Can we please stop giving awards to games that haven't been released yet? Look at No Man's Sky - it won Best Original Game and Best Independent Game TWO YEARS before it released, and everyone who has a current gen system knows how well that turned out. I know that won't be the case for FFVII (unless there's just a huge amount of technical issues), but it really does just come across as an attempt for these reviewers/showcases to get attention long before there's anything of substance to actually review.

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Best of Show - who were the judges, teen stoners from the 80s?

Avatar image for sakaixx

@lonesamurai00: Dear Gamespot and Eddie, please stop writing articles. Unfortunately nobody reads them.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@sakaixx: Dear you, I read the entire article including the list, and still I must ask - were the judges high on morphine.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@lonesamurai00: Considering there is literally hundreds or thousands of journalist and media company swarming E3, probably not.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@sakaixx: I'd think about that again.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@lonesamurai00: anyhow who you pick?

Avatar image for lonesamurai00


Diehard Sony fans > Final Fantasy VII Remake

The rest of the industry and gamers alike > Cyberpunk 2077

Nothing at E3 looked as interesting or as gorgeous as Cyberpunk 2077 - nothing.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@lonesamurai00: too bad for you then the industry mostly voted for FF7.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@sakaixx: Well the Game Critics Awards is not the industry, they are an independent group from wherever. But that's fine, an excited group of nostalgia buffs, and it's just E3. Still it's really weird, like Twilight Zone weird.

I mean any panel that would vote for Watch Dogs: Legion as the best RPG, clearly doesn't know crap from Crisco.

Avatar image for Berserk8989

@lonesamurai00: Cyberpunk delivered nothing to the public than a pretty generic "bAdAsS" CGI trailer with a popular celebrity this year... Sure, it got people pumped at that moment, but it quickly wears off once the spectacle is over. Looking at it objectively and rationally, it was underwhelming at the very least, last year was much better with the demo and all. Final Fantasy VII Remake showed tons of actual gameplay that looked pretty damn interesting and was surprisingly well received even by the majority of the die-hard fans, along with explanations of the game's combat elements and with a good in-game trailer.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@Berserk8989:First off: You'd have to be insane to think that the video shown isn't actual real-time in-game footage, or at the very least how the characters will actually look in-game - because it's easy to believe that it is real.

We've seen actual gameplay of Cyberpunk already, almost an hour to be exact, and what came from that hour of gameplay footage makes the Final Fantasy VII Remake look...nice I guess? Now take that 45 minutes of gameplay footage of Cyberpunk 2077 from last year and imagine something even greater, because they've already stated that the footage shown last year has changed dramatically.

Fantasy VII Remake is nothing more than a love letter to Final Fantasy nostalgia buffs, and from the looks of the footage it does little to expand on what we've seen from Square before. Switching between characters and using meters the way this game does is nothing new or different at all from them. Wildly swinging a sword has been done many times in many other games also, but Cyberpunk has features that haven't been seen or done before. It is an enormous open world with tons of things to do. To be honest the Fantasy VII Remake looks like child's play by comparison. Now don't get me wrong here because the moment that Fantasy VII Remake drops on PC I do plan to buy it, but It just can't do anything with the world of Cyberpunk 2077 - not even close really.

P.S. Basically the Fantasy VII Remake is a nostalgia remake that kids could play. Shoot, the characters look cartoony enough, but Cyberpunk 2077 is for grown folk. Heck it looks like a future that could one day actually exist. I hope it's not, but it could.

Avatar image for benji2d


Random person on the internet, I would like to try and talk to you, because I can see you are smart and can make some good arguments. I can't talk to all the people in the world and try to make peace with them, but I can try 1 by 1, it's something.
So, your first comment was edgy and disrespectful to start with, why? Is gaming a competition you must win? Does Cyberpunk 2077 and CDPR represent YOU as a person? Does Cyberpunk 2077 "losing" to FF VII make you angry...and why? I wanna make one thing clear, I haven't played the original FF VII and I'm a huge fan of Deus Ex, Blade Runner, Akira and other sci-fi cyberpunk genres. Ever since they showed the first Cyberpunk 2077 teaser back in 2013 (I think) I was waiting for that game. B U T...I am a little bit more excited about Final Fantasy VII Remake...and I'm mostly excited about Breath of the Wild Sequel. The last is not important, I just had to point out my personal number 1.
About FF VII. You have to understand that CD PR showed a new cool trailer for a game we have already seen gameplay of. On the other hand, VII Remake was something fans were worried it will be cancelled and never see the light of day + people were yet to see some REAL gameplay of the game. It's also a game that was announced so many years ago. Having gameplay finally and a release date, gives millions of people hope AND confirmation, that the game actually exist. Even for people like me who didn't play the original, this had a greater impact on me compared to just another Cyberpunk 2077 cinematic trailer with a famous actor.
Another thing you have to try and understand is that...every educated gamer knows that Cyberpunk 2077 is the evolution of the Deus Ex franchise and more or's something we have already seen in other games. As pretty as the game is, it's really nothing revolutionary's just a huge upgrade. But for FF VII, the original game is legendary. The game is sitting on a huge fanbase and a huge legacy. It was groundbreaking and revolutionary when it came out. It also had great and impactful story and characters that people still love and care about 22 years later. The original game has sold over 11 million copies. For a game that's 22 years old, that's a huge number. You have to understand that millions of people have grown up with this game and those characters and the experience they had with them was VERY impactful when they first played it. That's why we have seen movies about it, remakes, figures, cameos and everything. I know it's hard to believe, like it's some old dusty hipster thing from the 90s, but it is not. Maybe it's hard to believe Kingdom Hearts 3 was (or it still is) the best selling game of 2019 with 5 million copies sold in the first week. Maybe you never played a KH game and think it's BS, but 5 million copies for a week isn't something to easily ignore. Now, imagine the numbers this FF VII Remake will do. Most of the people who will buy the game are actually not kids, it's the opposite. Kids know about this game only from the internet, they weren't even born when the game came out (I was, I was 7 years old, but I didn't have a PS1, my friend did). Kids are not nostalgic about this game, they don't care about the characters, they don't have emotional attachments. And you are contradicting yourself a little bit, because you said the judges were "stoners from the 80s" and now only kids will play it? Can't be both ya know. It's either for old nostalgic people or for kids. Also, saying that CP 2077 is for grown a little funny. You said it in a way that it makes the games that are not for grown folk...look like something lesser. You said it, again, in a disrespectful way. You can't expect to have a good argument with someone, while low key insulting what they're defending. That's not how things work, you instantly lose the argument. Insulting is not for grown folk and saying those...things, doesn't look good when you try to make a solid argument. Maybe it's very hard for you to understand, but games that are not entirely made for grown folk, are as equal as every other game out there. They can win Game of the Year, they can be better and they can be smarter too. GTA is made for grown people, it's 18+, but was mainly played by kids and made popular by kids and still makes tons of money...from kids. But that does not matter, because the series are one of the highest rated games of all time, ever. But same goes for Ocarina of Time too. A game, made for kids, but still played by adults, praised by adults and inspired many game developers back in the day, which were...adults. So yeah, talking about games for grown folk, is childish by itself.
Another thing you're not aware of. The E3 trailer is actually cinematic, cgi or just enhanced with graphics that are not going to be the actual graphics. Like Uncharted 4, the in-game clips ARE rendered in game and are not CGI...but are using better, higher poly models with much higher poly count faces and animations, hair and details. Once the scene has ended and the game does to actual gameplay, it switches those models with lower poly ones and switches off some effects that were rendered only for the cinematic scene. That's what you're seeing with this CP 2077 trailer. It is kinds in game, but with models and effects that are not gonna be used in actual gameplay and it's all made to sell the game better. And as you can see, it does. This game is supposed to run on even the base PS4. Do you think the console can handle those graphics? It can't and if it could...why we didn't have other games like that? Even God of War and Red Dead 2 are not looking better, and there's a reason. Don't get fooled by those "in game graphics". They ARE rendered in game, but with models and effects that if they try to run while you are actually playing, your FPS will crawl. There's a HUGE difference between REAL TIME and CUTSCENE visuals.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading.

Avatar image for wendayy

Nice and well deserved. It was the only game with progressive gameplay, mechanics explained and it had a gameplay trailer on top of it as well with Tifa in it.

Edit: so does this mean Sony won E3, lmao!!

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah

@wendayy: Progressive gameplay? Nah...that would go to Watch Dogs Legion. People constantly put games down for not bringing anything new to the table. The ability to play as any NPC is bringing a whole new table to replace the old table.

Avatar image for chisoxrule

I'm very skeptical about FFVII remake. I'm not a fan of it being split up into different chapters and it seems the combat is too similar to Square's mediocre recent entries.

Avatar image for teaguru12

@chisoxrule: Yeah - I do not like the chapters thing either. Especially when it could be years between Chapter 1 and 2. That's not fun for anyone. But I think the trailers look really good. So, there's some hope.

Avatar image for pmanden

@teaguru12: Hopefully chapter 2 will arrive not so late after chapter 1, because Square already has got the basic concept, engine etc. down and doesn't need to start from scratch.

I'm more worried about the gameplay. Why couldn't it just be the classic turn-based battle system?

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@pmanden: Why couldn't it be both? You want the more "modern" action-like system, go there. Want the classic turn-based system, go there. A toggle in the options could have made it happen very easily in this day and age.

Avatar image for Berserk8989

Cyberpunk special commendations for graphics? What the actual f*ck? It was a CGI trailer.

Avatar image for aross2004

@Berserk8989: It was playable, we only saw the cinematic. Go to YouTube and see how beautiful it is.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@Berserk8989: No, that's only what was available to you. The judges got to see actual gameplay, either in a booth or conference room during the show, or at the pre-E3 "Judges' Week."

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

That judges panel had a bad case of the nostalgias.

Avatar image for Daelusca
Daelusca could't make this up :)