Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Feature Full Voice Acting

Square Enix also discusses mini-games and whether Remake will feature an open-world.


Final Fantasy VII Remake will feature full voice acting, including the game's dating events, Square Enix has revealed.

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In a new interview with Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation (translated by Gematsu), director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase offered up a few new details regarding the highly anticipated (and now episodic) remake.

On voiceovers, Nomura said, "Basically, it will be fully voiced. We still haven't decided the voices of the characters that weren't in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children."

Asked about the dating events also being voiced, Kitase responded, "It would be impossible not to. [Laughs.] However, since it's different from that time and social situation, we need [to] implement the reproduction of original events carefully."

Nomura remarked upon that, mentioning the infamous Honey Bee Inn scene with a laugh.

Kitase also addressed the possibility of the game being open-world. "We can't say anything yet, but we don't plan on fussing about whether it's a so-called open-world or sandbox," he said. "But since Nomura is more focused on the creation of the scenery, we want to express an environment [where] character actions affect the scenery."

He also suggested that Square Enix hopes to include the mini-games that "remain favorable among fans." He also added, "The development staff is also thinking about what to do with the mini-games.”

With the 20-year anniversary of Final Fantasy VII's Japanese release coming up at the end of January 2017, the duo were asked about whether anything is planned to commemorate the event. Kitase noted that he's unable to comment, while Nomura said, "Personally, I'm waiting for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 and World of Final Fantasy in 2016. I think when they're completed, I'll be able to release new information."

It’s unclear exactly what kind of information Nomura is referring to. The first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently without a release date and is likely still fairly far out. We did, however, get our first glimpse at gameplay recently, and Play Arts Kai figures are on the way.

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Avatar image for edwardnygma

There better be an open world.

Avatar image for dia_onsa

All this talk, they really make the fans forget about FFXV for now, that's good, I am really excited for this game even if it will be affected by the modern game's diseases (Obsession with open world, DLC & season passes, technical issues....etc), yeah I am bracing myself.

And by the way why "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Feature Full Voice Acting" is a news in 2015, that's worth it if we are still in 2000 waiting for FFX.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

I love open world games and open world RPGs, but a game like final fantasy vii works just fine with linear story telling with open world exploration. You know great RPGs of the past are told beautifully through linear progression story telling: Suikoden II, Xenogears, Fable, Chrono Trigger, ICO, Dragon Quests, PArasite Eve, Grandias etc etc. Sometimes when you want to tell a tight strong story, linear just works best.

Avatar image for MajinSquall

the game will be fully voiced?????

i think we got that from the trailer Gamespot

Avatar image for Silverline62

inb4: it's going to be an extremely linear game..... *sigh*

Avatar image for deactivated-5b69bebd1b0b6

Nope don't give FF7 an open world.. Give it a world map. Two very different things. What is the obsession with open world games this generation? It doesn't necessarily make a game better, just fills it with lots of pointless padding. In some cases it just makes the game worse, AKA Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain. An incredibly boring game.

Avatar image for KenshinXSlayer

@Crossel777: Agreed. I always thought that some open-world games just wanted to be huge for the sake of being huge; to make the game artificially longer than it needs to be.

Avatar image for ToadstoolPeach

Square-Enix, learn from your mistakes with FFXIII and give the FF7 remake an open world.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@ToadstoolPeach: FF13 is a linear RPG, so is FF7. FF13, lacks open world exploration upto a certain point. But open world RPGs are based on storytelling through a nonlinear paths- like Skyrim, etc. You can skip large parts of the story itself or push right to the main quest and the end if so choosing.

Avatar image for king_quaps

" He also suggested that Square Enix hopes to include the mini-games that "remain favorable among fans."" - good. I want my easy GP from Mog House.

Avatar image for Chaos_Dante_456

As long as I can inbreed mutated chocobos I'm good

Avatar image for GunEye

I am happy they put more emphasis on story, characters, events and environments and less on making a big open world sandbox. I am getting a bit tired of all the sandboxing and open world clones out there. Games don't have to be open world to be good, in fact many games are NOT good because of an open-world attempt. I wonder if other gamers feel the same way. I am more of a fan of big open-ended maps, like these seen in Dishonored, Deus Ex,Dark Souls, Bloodborne and older titles like Thief 2, Draken, Rune etc. I call it the "open-map" level design.

In short, big, varied, complex environment, with some backtracking/short-cutting and enough need for exploration. While not being an empty huge space, where you have to spend more time covering more ground then actually doing stuff.

In other worlds some games really need an open world to shine. Like Dragon's Dogma which had a tiny tiny world that felt repetitive during the story. While other worlds need to keep a more intensive level design, that's not too linear and "keep pressing forward", not too obvious. Finding the right track, overcoming challenges along the way, and having a degree of freedom: these are the key for "open-map" level design, best seen in games like the Souls series.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@GunEye: I feel the same way, as you. Do not get me wrong I love games like Skyrim, Dragons age, and many other western RPG's, but I also love a good tight story in my RPG's. Some games allow you to skip right to the end of the game or worse have so much useless filler that is not related to the story that it bogs the impact of what an RPG is all about.

MY favorite is the Grandia games, they may be linear, but few other games can tell a epic adventurous story so damn well.

Avatar image for 3D3

this is news?

Avatar image for drake08

Man I just hope this game retains it's game-play difficulty I don't want to fight some boss and kill it in 4 hits that would suck and since this is going to be somewhat action base i wonder how the weapons fight are going to play I mean are we going to beat Ruby and Diamon toe nails to dead. But again i hope this game retains its difficulty.

Avatar image for king_quaps

@drake08: Other than the optional weapon battles the game is really pretty easy. You can kill Safer Sephiroth with two omnislashes. If anything, I think it being an action RPG could make it harder.

Avatar image for mitchellboi1

@king_quaps: Heck, if your stats are good enough, you can kill him with one omnislash lol

Avatar image for drake08

@mitchellboi1: you said bro. but what i mean was when i play FF 10 it only took normal attacks to finish the final boss which was disappointing it seems like the Final fantasy games became super easy after 9 or did I became a Badass at playing this type of games

Avatar image for king_quaps

@mitchellboi1: bit of stats but more based on your lead up to that battle

Avatar image for MajinSquall

@king_quaps: or W-Summon Knights of Round

Avatar image for rawkstar007

Why are they asking him if the game is open world when really the fans just want to know if there will be world map travel? It's not the same thing.

Avatar image for tempaccess

@magicalclick:More cute could work for other FF games, but not FF7. I hope they keep Tifa's proportions the same and keep her sexy.

Avatar image for drake08

@magicalclick: Wow FInal Fantasy 7 cute I mean the main guy is tormented by flash backs. Now if you want cute there is Final Fantasy World coming next year if they don't push it back.

Avatar image for freedom01

@magicalclick: you want a cute FF game? Final Fantasy Worlds is the game you are looking for :D

Avatar image for ughz

@freedom01: Or crystal chronicles.

Avatar image for rawkstar007

@magicalclick: This isn't the game for that.

Avatar image for ughz

@rawkstar007: It was in 1997.

Avatar image for Shin_Gallon

I just hope there's a Japanese voices option. There was in FFXIII so I'm hopeful this will follow suit.

Avatar image for i-rock-socks

Was there anyone who thought it wouldn't? Of course it'll have voice acting

Avatar image for rikku45

Did anyone actually think that it wouldn't be?

Avatar image for Samslayer

I just hope the story stays in tact. That's the reason why I enjoyed playing FFVII. I guess I don't necessarily care about how it is presented as long as the game is fun and the story stays relatively the same.

Avatar image for king_quaps

@Samslayer: it sounds like they're going to flesh it out a bit, which would be cool.

Avatar image for Swaghard

I so look forward to playing AI controlled characters.

Avatar image for sepsis216

They're going to ruin it.

Avatar image for Mogan

@sepsis216: Time did that a while ago.

Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

Watching the first trailer sounds like vincent narraritoring

Watchiinng the second trailer sounds like cloud and barrent.

Rewatch the first revial trailer, square enix already addressed us fans. For some this will bring joy, for others may bring fear. But what ever comes, embrace the change

Well rewatch anyway thats the jist of it.

Avatar image for Johny_47

That topic picture is probably misleadin'. There's nothing besides white people in shitty final fantasy games, and when they just stuck that single stereotypical black guy with the afro in one of the later games, he was voiced by a white man *facepalm while shakin' head*

Avatar image for jayz0ned

@Johny_47: If you're referring to Sazh in FFXIII, I'm pretty sure he was voiced by a black dude.

Avatar image for mirage_so3

@Johny_47: Isn't that racist in itself? Does it matter who voices who?

Avatar image for Johny_47

@mirage_so3: No, the voice isn't the main point, a white man voicing a black man in a game or something is just cheap and lazy. Whenever I see something or hear someone ramble on about how good and popular final fantasy is, if it's open for discussion or I'm asked my opinion about the games it's always negative from me unless we're just on about the music for them which is the only decent thing about 'em.

I've got no idea who's fantasy that is but seeing all white people with silly voice acting, it's got to be someone either racist as **** or really ignorant, I mean not wanting to acknowledge the existence of anything besides white people, it's just so pathetic, but I suppose it's 'majority rules' again, like with how Jesus Christ is conveniently depicted as white hahahaa.

Avatar image for mirage_so3

@Johny_47: You are not helping the cause of racism. There are black characters in these games. There are black characters in many games. Black actors are being integrated into numerous roles all throughout media. I have no problem with black people in lead roles. I have no problem with white people in lead roles. In fact I don't give a f**k what color their skin is. I loved Finn in Star Wars and I really wanted him to be the Jedi. Not because he was black but because he was a great character. However games and movies do not need to be judged on how many people of different ethnicity are in there. If you want to get technical this is a JAPANESE game so these characters are all Asian, or "yellow people." If we want to be equal, how about we cast whoever the f**k plays the role best regardless of skin color?

Avatar image for Johny_47

@mirage_so3: this bull shit is over, you're a bunch of naive clowns that obviously can't read properly either because you keep going back to the last thing I already explained, cock munchin' faggots.

Avatar image for mirage_so3

@Johny_47: I understood your problem perfectly. You implied it was their fantasy that black people don't exist. I attempted to explain to you it does not matter if an individual game has a certain ethnicity in it or not. But you are determined to hate those involved in the production of the game and call them racist. You do not help the cause. You look like an ignorant jackass and that helps nothing.

Avatar image for vexxouds

I approve!