Final Fantasy 7 Remake: What Moogle Medals Are, Where To Get Them, How To Use Them

Everything you need to know about FF7 Remake Moogle Medals, including where to get more and why you want them.


As you play the early hours of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you'll likely start to rack up a decent stock of Moogle Medals as you explore the streets and slums of Midgar. There are a whole lot of items that come your way in FF7, many of which are handy in a battle for curing status effects or damaging enemies--but you'll spend a lot of time carrying Moogle Medals around without having any idea of what they do.

The thing is, Moogle Medals are good and you want to collect as many as you can. Eventually, you'll be able to use Moogle Medals at a special vendor to buy some cool stuff. Here's everything you need to know about this weird currency.

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How To Get Moogle Medals

You'll find Moogle Medals in a variety of places, but the vast majority of them will come from Shinra Crates. These are the boxes with Shinra logos on them that you can smash with your sword or other weapons. You'll also occasionally find them in treasure chests, usually hidden around corners and off the beaten path.

You can also get them in Chapter 8 upon your visit to Sector 5. Head to the Kids' Hideout, where you can participate in the Whack-A-Box mini-game. Every time you run a round of Whack-A-Box, you get a Moogle Medal, regardless of your performance.

Where To Use Moogle Medals

Moogle Medals will sit in your inventory for a good long while through the beginning of the game. Once you hit Chapter 8, however, you'll finally find someone willing to take them off your hands. You'll find a store called the Moogle Emporium located in the Kids' Hideout area, which you'll discover as you work through the chapter's story and sidequests.

What Are Moogle Medals Good For?

You'll get a lot of weapons and items from standard shops, but they'll all generally have the same inventory, which will update periodically as you advance through the story. That's not the case with the Moogle Emporium, which contains a number of unique items you can only obtain with Moogle Medals. The Moogle Emporium includes a few key items you'll purchase to help you complete sidequests, as well as some unique weapons and accessories you can only get from the shop.

The Moogle Emporium also includes four separate books, one for each character, that will give your squad a quick infusion of Skill Points to upgrade their weapons. And if you don't need any of that stuff, you can get some items like ethers and elixirs for relatively cheap, as compared to what you'll spend in item shops.

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