Final Fantasy 7 Remake Walkthrough Chapter 4: Mad Dash (Spoiler-Free)

Here's a walkthrough detailing how to beat the fourth chapter of FF7 Remake for PS4.


Keep working your way through Final Fantasy 7 Remake with our spoiler-free walkthrough, taking you back up to the plate with Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge to execute a new mission. Chapter 4 puts Cloud on a motorcycle, recalling one of the more intense minigames of the original, and includes a couple of tough boss fights that will test both your driving skills and your swordplay.

We've got everything you need to know to get through the FF7 mission below. For more guides, be sure to check out our extensive FF7 Walkthrough and guides roundup.

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Chapter 4 Walkthrough: Mad Dash

After a brief cutscene where you get your first Summon Materia, the fourth chapter kicks right into gear with a motorcycle ride down a long tunnel. Unfortunately, it's not so much a scenic ride through Midgar, as you'll be met with some unwanted baddies on bikes soon enough. Pay attention to the attack controls on the top left and make sure you're slashing the Shinra Troopers and drones in the right directions, while guarding whenever you think you can't avoid damage from the incoming gunfire or grenade explosions. If things get heated, be sure to use the Spinning Slash, too. Keep your fight on, and you should be safe--until an unwanted guest crashes onto the scene.

Boss Fight: Roche (Motorcycle Chase)

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The final portion of your motorcycle ride pits you against Roche, AKA "Speed Demon." This adrenaline-pumped maniac is a bit of a pain to deal with. First, use Guard and dodge around to avoid the ranged sword slices he sends your way. If you swerve from right to left, you can easily steer clear of them in time. Pay attention to the pattern, and you can mostly zip past unscathed. When he's not up close, use L1+Triangle to fire off your own ranged attacks when they're charged, in order to keep your damage output up.

When Roche drives up on the side of the tunnel, it means he's going to start sending lightning your way. Don't worry about attacking; instead, watch for the attacks to come down and dodge them before they can strike. If there's an opportunity to charge your ranged attack, shoot it his way, but remember that defense is your primary concern.

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Roche will eventually jump off the side of the tunnel to smash down right next to you, so dodge hard to one side to avoid taking damage. He'll usually stick up close for a while, so keep slashing at him and unleashing your spin attack when you get the chance before he repeats his cycle. Keep consistent on dodging and damage dealing, and you'll end this bozo's high-speed reign in no time--at least, for now.

The Jessie Job -- Jessie's House

Once back in control, follow the Avalanche crew until you reach Jessie's House. Once the cutscenes are over, head through the back door and into Jessie's parents room and grab her father's Shinra keycard. Before you leave, you're welcome to investigate the letter on the floor near the drawers, or listen in on the conversation the folks in the other room are having.

Sector 7-6 Infiltration-- Shinra Warehouse

Proceed forward and start your push through the Sector 7-6 warehouse. Talk to Wedge and Biggs,and you'll be given a moment to grab some supplies or warm up in the nearby training facility. Head over to forklift in the area to find a dead end with a chest containing two hi-potions. Give the boys the okay, and then head through the unauthorized access gate.

Wipe the floor with the Shinra Officers until you're put up against some Elite Security Officers. Deal with them while dodging incoming fire from the Missle Launchers placed above. After you kill each Elite Security Officer, Biggs will knock over the Launchers. A pack of Guard Dogs will show up after that, so beat them down like all the rest.

Boss Fight: Roche (Shinra Warehouse)

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Roche will start off the battle fighting you conservatively, letting you get quite a few hits in before retaliating with his own sword combo. If he starts up a flurry, dodge to the side before he lands the final spinning attack. He'll also occasionally cast Materia spells, so make sure you're paying attention to his casting animation to evade in time. Stick to defense with the Punisher Mode's counter-attacks, which is a great way to circumvent Roche's speed and keep the damage output high.

Deal enough damage and you'll eventually trigger the second phase of the fight. Roche is far more aggressive and agile here, capable of easily dodging your strikes and stunning you with powerful dash attacks. Maintain a defensive posture with Punisher Mode and keep wailing on Roche with that trusty counter. But once again, dodge away when you see him about to unleash a spell. Also, avoid using ATB abilities until he's staggered. Rinse and repeat until he's down for the count.

Return to the Slums

With Roche out of the picture for now and your friends all safe and sound, follow the objective back to the Sector 7 Plate Edge. Just before the first right turn, grab the Revival materia lying on the ground to your left just before the walkway. Enjoy the wonderful character bonding, follow Wedge through the Slums, and then go visit Jesse's apartment for a Barrier Materia. Return to your apartment and check in for the night.

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Sudden Attack

Uh-oh, it looks like the Sector 7 Slums have an Apparition problem. You and Tifa have to fight off a few waves of Apparitions to progress the story. They're susceptible to magic, so unleash some spells to drastically increase their Stagger gauge. Since there's several Apparitions flying about, the Triple Slash ability from Cloud's Iron Blade is a great maneuver to quickly whittle away their numbers. Once you're in front of the Seventh Heaven, a more powerful Enigmatic Apparition will appear, but don't worry, the same combat strategies apply.

Once that's done, beat Wedge's score in darts before you leave Seventh Heaven, and he'll give you the Luck Up Materia. Head to the train station, but make sure to stop by the Item Shop to buy the Barret's Theme Music Disc. Then talk to Barret and end the chapter!

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