Final Fantasy 7 Remake Johnny Guide: Where To Find Every Scene

Meeting Johnny around the slums of Midgar will get you extra story scenes and unlock a Trophy, but you'll have to seek him out.


As you work your way through the slums of Midgar in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can't help but meet Johnny, a colorful character who's not especially bright. Despite mostly good intentions, Johnny can't help but get himself into trouble almost constantly--but lucky for him, you're there to bail him out. Tracking down all the game's possible interactions with Johnny is worth the effort, though, not only because he's pretty funny, but because it can net you a Trophy called "The Johnny Experience."

Some of Johnny's appearances in the game are mandatory, while others are tied to your choices, and a few are completely miserable. Here's a rundown of all the places to find Johnny to earn the Trophy and follow one poor fool's arc as he tries to make it in Midgar.

Chapter 3

Your first interaction with Johnny is part of the story. After completing at least one side-quest with Tifa, head back to the Seventh Heaven bar. You'll see a bunch of people gathered nearby as part of the "Job Well Done" main scenario event. Head into the crowd to trigger your first Johnny scene.

Chapter 9

At The Honeybee Inn

The second time you encounter Johnny is soon after you enter Wall Market. Johnny will run past you as you approach Don Corneo's mansion for the first time, triggering the "Discovery: Vagabond Johnny" event on your quest log. Turn around and follow him to the Honeybee Inn and interact with him there. You'll want to agree with him when prompted during this interaction to get another scene with him later.

As you work your way through Wall Market after talking to Johnny, you'll see him talking to each member of the Trio. You can stop and talk to him for some fun dialogue at each location, but these interactions aren't necessary to earn the Trophy.

Triggering Johnny's "The Party Lasts All Night" Side-Quest

There are two slates of possible side-quests in Chapter 9, one given to you by Chocobo Sam and the other by Madam M. The Chocobo Sam quests include one in which you'll spend a heap of time with Johnny, but which set you get is dependent on your choices. Doing these things should activate Chocobo Sam's quests in Chapter 9:

  • Follow Johnny to the Honeybee Inn and agree with him
  • Choose "heads" or "tails" in Chocobo Sam's coin flip
  • Choose the "poor man's" option at Madam M's

After returning to Madam M once you've finished the Corneo Colosseum portion, you'll trigger Johnny's side-quest, which will take you all through Wall Market.

Chapter 14

Complete the "Tomboy Bandit" Side-Quest

Kyrie is important to both the
Kyrie is important to both the "Tomboy Bandit" and the "Corneo's Secret Stash" quests.

Head to the Sector 5 train station in Chapter 14 and you'll find Johnny near the Item Shop. He'll tell you about a woman who stole his wallet, along with all his money, and disappeared. The woman you're looking for is named Kyrie, and she's also a key figure in the "Don Corneo's Secret Stash" side-quest.

Find Kyrie in Aerith's church in Sector 5. She'll send you to Corneo Colosseum to complete a fight for her, in which you'll face the Beastmaster and his new pet, a Hellhound. The fight isn't too tough; the Beastmaster is just as easy as the first time you faced him, while the Hellhound can be bested with ice spells to knock out its red flame, and healing spells, which douse its purple flame.

Once you've completed the fight, return to Kyrie to get the wallet back. You'll officially complete the quest once you speak to Kyrie, but make sure to return to Johnny at the Sector 5 train station to see his final scene and complete the "Discovery" event.

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