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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Win Every Chocobo Race With This Loadout

Choose the right gear for the job.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth certainly doesn't skimp on minigames and fun diversions throughout its extensive runtime, and one of the most thrilling and enjoyable of these is chocobo racing. And you'll earn special gear to aid you in these events as you complete quests, visit tack shops, and complete races. Choosing the best gear is paramount for victory on the race course, though, and we've listed out what we feel is the best loadout to get the job done.

Best chocobo racing loadout in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Chocobo races in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth allow you to deck out your chocobo in stat-increasing gear. While it's undeniably true that your own personal strengths and weaknesses as a racer will determine was is the absolute best gear for you in any given race, we came in first place in all 22 races consecutively using the loadout below, so we feel that it's a fantastic setup for you too.

Chocobo: Piko


Piko possesses a very well-rounded stat spread that ensures it's good at everything, even if it's not the absolute best at anything. But don't worry, as we'll use some gear to get Piko into excellent shape.

Head: Shinra Avian Helmet

Shinra Avian Helmet
Shinra Avian Helmet

The Shinra Avian Helmet increases your overall speed to make you quite the speed devil on the course. There's not much else to say about this one, as we all know faster is (usually) better.

Torso: Gi Cloak

Gi Cloak
Gi Cloak

The Gi Cloak lessens how much you slow down when damaged by other racers or obstacles. This makes it an excellent option because even minor misjudgments can cause you to slam into someone or something, so you'll want to get back in action as quickly as possible.

Legs: Scorpion Greaves

Scorpion Greaves
Scorpion Greaves

The Scorpion Greaves reduce how much of a hit you take to your speed when veering off the track. While this may not be necessary for someone who has memorized and perfected each race in the game, most of us can benefit from a bit of leeway when we mistime our drifts and find ourselves in the grass!

Note that the chocobo racing minigame becomes available relatively late in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and it'll be even further into the story before you can unlock the hardest races. So if you've cleared the first set of races, just keep playing through the game until new ones unlock. Regardless of which races you're taking on, though, we hope our choice for the best loadout helps you pull off a flawless victory.

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