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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - How To Get Titan Summon

Titan is a solid early-game summon that you won't want to miss.


Titan is the first main summon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and it specializes in dealing high non-elemental damage. Even though this is an early-game summon, its non-elemental attacks come in handy when fighting enemies with elemental resistances. Here's how to get Titan in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How to Get the Titan Summon

Titan is the first deity Chadley adds to his combat simulator, so even if you don't plan on using this materia, it's a good opportunity to get the hang of summon battles. Titan is available to fight as soon as you encounter Chadley and learn about developing materia for the first time at Bill's Ranch in the Grasslands region.

We suggest weakening Titan before you fight it by finding its summon crystals hidden in the Grasslands. Finding these summon crystals not only makes the Titan fight easier but also strengthens the deity when you summon it as an ally in battle.

Titan Summon Crystal Locations

All three of Titan's summon crystals can be found as soon as you receive your first chocobo from the main story quests at Bill's Ranch. Once you have your first chocobo, make your way to these three locations:

  • Crystal #1 - Head directly south of Phenomenon Intel 1, on the far east side of the Grasslands.
  • Crystal #2 - Swim through the swamp, to the southwest of the Abandoned Dock.
  • Crystal #3 - Go to the southwest of Kalm and the Mako Pipeline Maintenance Warehouse.
All three Titan summon crystal locations in the Grasslands region.

Crystal Memory Matrix Button Sequences

These are the button combinations for Titan's memory matrix mini-games:

  • Crystal #1 - O, O, O, O
  • Crystal #2 - Square, Square, Square, Square
  • Crystal #3 - X, X, X, X
All three Titan crystal memory matrix button sequences.

Titan Boss Fight

Titan is weak to Wind attacks, so it's a good idea to equip materia that allows you to use the Aero skill and its upgraded versions. Long-range moves are the best choice here since Titan is a menace up close. Use Barret and Aerith to deal damage from afar. Titan will occasionally put up a barrier, and if you manage to destroy it, the deity will be pressured. That's your cue to use even more Wind attacks along with high-pressure and stagger moves like Cloud's Focused Thrust and Barret's Focused Shot.

Titan's specialty is high, non-elemental damage.
Titan's specialty is high, non-elemental damage.

Titan Abilities When Summoned

Titan's non-elemental abilities allow it to deal high damage even when enemies have elemental weaknesses. Here are its two abilities:

  • Mountain Crusher - Launch a flurry of earth-shattering blows.
  • Boulder Hurl - Throw an enormous cluster of rocks, damaging enemies near to Titan and then the target.
Titan is surrounded by rocks after using its summon ability.
Titan is surrounded by rocks after using its summon ability.

That's everything you need to know about how to get Tiatn's summon materia in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. It's unlikely that you'll use Titan for very long if you keep collecting more summons, but this deity is great for early-game combat.

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