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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - How To Get Phoenix Summon

Don't miss out on Phoenix's fiery attacks and free healing.


Phoenix is the second main summon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and it'll help your party with damage-dealing attacks and support abilities. You don't necessarily need to fight and obtain every single summon as soon as they become available, but Phoenix is one we recommend going for as soon as possible because of its added healing. Here's how to get Phoenix in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How to Get the Phoenix Summon

Chadley adds Phoenix to his combat simulator as soon as you reach the Junon region in Chapter 4: Dawn of a New Era. This is the second major area on the map, so it's also a good idea to complete the Stuck in a Rut side quest to unlock fast travel between the Grasslands and Junon.

Before you fight Phoenix, we suggest weakening it by finding all three of its summon crystals hidden across the Junon region. Even if you don't need the extra help, finding these crystals also strengthens Phoenix's summon material when you do obtain it.

Phoenix Summon Crystal Locations

All three of Phoenix's summon crystals can be found before you ascend and leave the port town of Under Junon behind. But first, you need to gain access to the Junon region chocobo. Its special ability allows you to climb sheer rock faces to find hard-to-reach locations. Once you have access to this grey chocobo, head to these three spots:

  • Crystal #1 - Scale the wall marked with graffiti found to the northwest of Gabe's Chocobo Ranch.
  • Crystal #2 - Scale the wall marked with graffiti north of Crow's Nest, on the east side of the region.
  • Crystal #3 - Follow the marked stones at the entrance of Crow's Nest.
All three Phoenix summon crystal locations in the Junon region.

Crystal Memory Matrix Button Sequences

Here are the button combinations for the memory matrix mini-games:

  • Crystal #1 - Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle
  • Crystal #2 - X, Square, X, Square
  • Crystal #3 - O, X, X, O
All three Phoenix summon crystal memory matrix button sequences.

Phoenix Boss Fight

Phoenix doesn't have any elemental weaknesses initially, and it can absorb Fire magic. It also doesn't have any separate body parts that you can target to take advantage of. The key to winning this fight is defeating the enemies that Phoenix summons. Get rid of those enemies as quickly as possible to stagger Phoenix and prevent it from healing. When Phoenix is pressured, it gains an Ice weakness, so be sure to bring materia that allows you to use Blizzard and its upgraded versions.

Phoenix deals devastating Fire damage and heals itself if left uninterrupted.
Phoenix deals devastating Fire damage and heals itself if left uninterrupted.

Phoenix Abilities When Summoned

Phoenix specializes in Fire-based magic, and it can also heal and revive party members. Here are its three abilities:

  • Crimson Rondure - Damage nearby enemies with ferocious flames.
  • Arise - Revive ally and restore all HP.
  • Reraise - Automatically revive a fallen ally one time.
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That's everything you need to know about how to get Phoenix in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Phoenix's flames can provide all the healing you need in a tight spot, so pick up its summon material as soon as possible.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth expands the adventure to regions outside of Midgar, and we've got all the tips and strategies you need in our FF7 Rebirth guides hub.

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