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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth - How To Develop New Materia

Chadley is back with even more materia than before.


Chadley is back in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and his role is, for the most part, the same as it was in the previous game. Chadley still wants you to complete tasks in exchange for materia, but his requests are far more interesting this time around. Here's what you need to know about how to develop materia in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How to get new materia from Chadley

Chadley appears early in Chapter 2, at Bill's Ranch in the Grasslands region. You can start your materia hunt as soon as you meet him for the first time. However, this time, instead of focusing purely on combat requests--though those are here, too--Chadley wants you to explore the map to visit a number of points of interest. These World Intel locations you investigate will reward you with data points, which is the new currency used to develop materia.

World Intel locations are marked by yellow icons on the map, and they include protorelic challenges, remnawave towers to activate, excavation sites, lifesprings, and more.

A list of materia Chadley can develop in exchange for Grasslands data points
A list of materia Chadley can develop in exchange for Grasslands data points

Regional materia list

There are several different regions in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and Chadley offers a different set of materia inside each region. And the data points earned from exploring a region can only be used to develop materia in that location. For instance, the materia in the image above can only be bought with Grasslands data points--don't worry about saving data points for future zones on the map.

Here's a list of the materia sets available for each region in the game:

  • Grasslands
    • x1 Fire and Ice Materia
    • x7 Auto-Cast Materia
    • x2 Morph Materia
    • x2 Auto-Unique Ability Materia
  • Junon Region
    • x1 Magic Efficiency Materia
    • x1 Lightning and Wind Materia
    • x2 Item Economizer Materia
    • x2 ATB Stagger Materia
  • Corel Region
    • x1 Gravity Materia
    • x2 HP Absorption Materia
    • x2 ATB Boost Materia
    • x7 Auto-Weapon Ability Materia
  • Gongaga Region
    • x2 Petrify Materia
    • x2 Magic Focus Materia
    • x1 Limit Siphon Materia
    • x1 Synergy Support Materia
  • Cosmo Canyon Region
    • x1 Synergy Materia
    • x1 Poison and Petrify Materia
    • x1 Jump Materia
    • x1 Skill Master Materia
  • Nibel Region
    • x1 Comet Materia
    • x2 MP Absorption Materia
    • x1 Darkside Materia
    • x1 ATB Assist Materia

Every time you develop a new materia with Chadley, his price for duplicates goes up. This means that there's a lot of adventuring in your future if you want to collect everything that the little scientist has to offer.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth expands the adventure to regions outside of Midgar, and we've got all the tips and strategies you need in our FF7 Rebirth guides hub.

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