Final Fantasy 7 PC-to-PS4 Port Gets Release Date

However, a release date for the separate Final Fantasy 7 remake remains unclear.


Update: A representative from Square Enix reached out to clarify that the release date below is, retrieved from the game's official listing, is inaccurate.

"We can confirm that the published release date for this title is incorrect. As discussed at this year’s E3, Final Fantasy VII will be ported to the PlayStation 4 in Winter 2015."

The original story appears below.

Square Enix has announced the PlayStation 4 version of the PC port of Final Fantasy 7 will be available on October 16 across North America and Europe.

The re-release will be available for $15.99.

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At E3, the PC-to-PS4 port of Square Enix's beloved role-playing game had its release date delayed until winter this year. In addition, the company confirmed that the game would be coming to iOS.

This port is completely separate from the the Final Fantasy 7 remake that was announced at E3 2015.

The Final Fantasy VII remake me be more of a reimagining, if comments from Nomura suggesting it could deviate from its source material are any indication. Speaking to GameSpot, Nomura suggested he didn't see a reason to release the exact same game again.

“We’ve announced an HD port version on the PlayStation 4, and then we have the remake coming to PS4,” he said. “You’ll have this extremely, very, very pretty FFVII existing on the same plane. We feel that if that happens, it’s like, why have the same exact game?

During Square Enix's E3 press conference the company also showed off Kingdom Hearts 3 and Hitman. If you missed it, you can watch it in its entirety right here.

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Avatar image for gameguy1223

$16 for a 20 year old game? Yea . . . ok

Avatar image for alchemy60

@gameguy1223: It's a PC HD port, it's not the PSOne version. It's 1080p and 60fps i think

Avatar image for Szurkulet

@gameguy1223: If that bothers you, you clearly have no knowledge of business, the value of a product, or gaming in general.

Avatar image for gotmerked

I don't blame them at all... it would be only natural to judge them on a year to year basis if they did one every E3. People would always be expecting something big from them and would always be angry when Bethesda didn't deliver which is impossible to do on a year to year basis. They are smart, they will save their conferences for their big releases. Probably will not see them again the next Elder Scrolls game is ready

Avatar image for fiskamat4

Haha Omg Ps4 wins! Masteraces Fall is like the Germans in the Second World War, Haha

Avatar image for SunnySkyNL

2 things are very important for this PS4 remaster for me, that it has the original soundtrack, not the bad PC version and that it has trophies like the steam version but also include a platinum trophy for the PS4 so I can go all out and show all of them off when I finally get them all. :D

Avatar image for alchemy60

@SunnySkyNL: It's obviously going to have PS4 trophies :P

Avatar image for mr_azim

@SunnySkyNL: yes, because we all want midi music in the current gen.

Avatar image for Szurkulet

@mr_azim: This seems like sarcasm, but it makes no sense because the post you're commenting on is saying he wants the original soundtrack and NOT the PC midi soundtrack.

Avatar image for barnold81

I hate to say it, but this game is showing it's age. I played through it a year or two ago. I was much more excited for the Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster. They did a wonderful job with that.

Avatar image for keal

@barnold81: This is talking about a re-release of the original. The remake is a total remake, not a remaster.

Avatar image for overachiever89

When I buy this I'm hoping they throw in some bonus content for the remake when it comes out. Maybe free DLC or early access or something

Avatar image for Dordledum

a port and a remake, why both?

/me = baffled

Avatar image for alchemy60

@Dordledum: Nomura said they had plans on doing the HD PC port for months before they announced it, but the remake was being talked about he said "when would be the right time to announce it". Nomura said "We've talked about a remake on and off and somestimes thought maybe we can't do it. Considering some of the older staff that worked on the original FFVII game: Me Being Director, Kitase acting as Producer and Nojima Handling the script, we're all getting older! If we continue doing this, the thought came up we may not even be able to do a remake and have to give it to a younger generation team without the original teams input or taking part. This doesn't seem like a big intention of ours, but we wanted to do it while the original staff is still here."

That's a rough, partial, word for word response by Nomura on why there's a remake. The thing he almost mentions was japanese console market isn't doing well as they're moving to mobile games, so releasing a mega juggernaut of a game like final fantasy VII that changed the future of RPG's forever back in those days would be something that get more attention back for gamers. FF7 has such an enormous fanbase in japan, they sell everything to plushies, to keychains, and 50 other items with final fantasy 7 that this could and hopefully explode sales for playstation 4. He mentions that the remake won't be the same as the original: his reasons are this "We have a very very pretty looking final fantasy VII port coming, so why have a remake that's exactly the same as the port? Don't expect the same game in HD ps4 graphics in this remake. It'll have ALOT of changes" So the remake is essentially like a brand new game :P

Here's the link if you want to read it

Avatar image for jZangetsu21

@Dordledum: The port has been talked about for a long time now and it was supposed to release a month or 2 ago but never did.

Maybe they're hoping people will buy the port now because of the hype of the full remake.

Also, many people never played FF7 so I'm happy it was released on Steam for the PC gamers. I won't be getting this one as I still have my original PSone version. I'm holding out for the remake.

Avatar image for Fia1

@Dordledum: money is the word you seek

Avatar image for Dordledum

@Fia1 said:

@Dordledum: money is the word you seek

fair point :)

Avatar image for deafwing

This sentence ...

"The Final Fantasy VII remake me be more of a reimagining, if comments from Nomura suggesting it could deviate from its source material are any indication."

... makes no sense.

Avatar image for martel

@deafwing: It makes perfect sense it just doesn't sound right at first.

Avatar image for keal

@deafwing: IE A full remake. Not a remaster/reskin.

Avatar image for i_p_daily

I loved FF7 back in the day, but Square is porting the PC version which is a port from the PS1 version to the PS4 for $16 and then Square are going to remake the game and sell it AGAIN, but I guess at full price in a few years from now, that's crazy.

Avatar image for martel

@i_p_daily: I don't understand this at all. The PC port is basically just a copy of the PS1 version and you could buy the original PS1 version on PS3 for cheaper. This is bullshit that they are charging more for the SAME game.

Avatar image for berserks

@i_p_dailyLook at the first resident evil game then at the remake .It s the same game and more with wayyyyy prettier graphics .

If it s a game i love i don t care to pay again for a better version .

Avatar image for keal

@i_p_daily: "Remake" is not a port or remaster or reskin. Remake will be a totally new game.

Avatar image for berserks

@kealA smart company won t give a new game , they will give the same but better in every way ( we don t beg for a remake just so we get a new game ) . Sadly , Square proven they are not part of those smart ones .

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

I don't understand this:

1. Will more than 2.5 people buy THIS???

2. Why is takig years to port a piece of PC software to an essentially Linux PC??? It should take no more than 2 months, LOL.

Avatar image for slainta

@Ripper_TV: You mean more than 2.5 million? No, that would probably be a bit too much. 1 million on the other hand..

Oh, and hopefully it has been delayed to improve it even more.

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

@slainta: No, I literally mean 2 people. This is a game that is 20 years old and was on every platform imaginable, including emulators.

Why would you buy it now and on PS4 I will never understand. It's not game with any replay value either.

Avatar image for keal

@Ripper_TV: Absolutely. FFVII is the pinnacle of FF games. Any true FF fan will be buying both the port and the remake.

The port isn't taking years. They are releasing it in October. A few months. The remake however is taking years because it is a totally new game. Not a reskin or graphic remaster. Total remake.

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

@keal: Ha, can't disagree stronger.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

Supposedly the FF7 remake was to be in time for the 20th year annivesary, though I doubt they make that date. And please there is no need to change the plot or story- just flesh it out more but we do not need Sephiroth to have an emo moment and change his mind about being a bad guy or Shinra to actually be a sentient brain. We do not need you to add your own personality to it, just give it a fresh coat of paint and check the oil.

Avatar image for solid_snake1461

Doesn't sound so bad. It lets the new players experience the original game before jumping to the new remake. Which would be in a very long time.

Avatar image for vicsrealms

A PC to PS4 port? Wow, that's a switch.

Avatar image for EducatingU_PCMR

@vicsrealms: Not a switch at all. Where do you think all the "remaster editions" for consoles come from?

Avatar image for bacontophat45

@vicsrealms: To be more accurate it's a PS4 port of a PC port of a PS1 game.

The double port surprise brought to you by Square-Enix.

Avatar image for martel

@bacontophat45: And it costs more than what you can get on the PS3. :/ Square-Enix are some assholes.

Avatar image for bacontophat45

@martel: But it has Trophies now..... wooo.

Avatar image for jedicommand7

This will be the FFVII version to play for the next several years.

Avatar image for DarkNeoBahamut

@jedicommand7: The sad part is that it's probably true....

Avatar image for VegasAceVII

Honestly, at $16.99...they should just release the port via retail for a solid $20. LOL.

Avatar image for VegasAceVII

Holy crap, that is further away than I expected! I was thinking July sometime. Wow. Oh well, I know this game pretty well anyway-- I look forward to playing through it again and going for some achievements this time I suppose. Pretty expensive for a ported title, but they can get away with it and they know it.

Avatar image for jedicommand7

@VegasAceVII: I saw somewhere they delayed the console release to work on the iOS release that just happened or is happening soon. Silly if you ask me, but I suppose the apple install base is bigger than the PS4 install base.

Avatar image for franzito

Maybe this FF 7 remake will be good. Maybe it'll get good scores. Maybe SQEX will make some money of it.

Avatar image for TheGreatOne023


Avatar image for -artist-

Anyone know if there will be trophies? Already own a PS1 copy and PS3 digital. Told myself the only way I would buy it yet again would just be for trophies. Not much of a trophy hunter, but I would definitely sink in a ton of hours for a FFVII Platinum.

Avatar image for VegasAceVII

@-artist-: It will; the list will most likely be the same as the STEAM achievements.

Avatar image for SolidTy

@-artist-: It should have trophies since Sony mandated them for all releases going forward in 2009.